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Scott Broomfield, CMO Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and sales compensation is the primary vehicle to track and reward sales success. It is also typically one of the biggest cost centers in an organization; U.S. businesses alone spend more than $800 billion annually on sales compensation. However, many companies today continue to rely on spreadsheets to manage compensation–a time intensive and error-prone process that stifles performance and motivation, limits visibility, and results in costly–and potentially material–mistakes.

When companies are spending hundreds of billions a year to automate functions like marketing, it is something to ponder over as to why nothing is being done about something as crucial as compensation. The short answer is that early technology to solve this problem was not secure or feature rich-enough, or prohibitively expensive. Enter Xactly.

Xactly’s secure, cloud-based incentive compensation and performance management solutions enable businesses to easily design, manage, and optimize incentive programs that reduce cost and risk.
The automation of sales compensation programs helps in controlling the sales compensation costs, thereby eliminating material internal control weaknesses, and significantly improving accrual and forecast accuracy. Ask yourself; what holes in my current processes could be putting my company and me at risk?

But aside from reducing risk, can automating your sales compensation make your sales team more efficient? According to a recent survey by the Aberdeen Group, it can. The survey showed that Xactly customer reported 36 percent shorter sales cycles, 25 percent lower sales turnover, and a 37 percent quicker rep ramp up time.

Ask yourself, how can I reduce sales rep churn, while improving the speed and ratio at which reps make or exceed their quota?

“To the sales rep and sales manager, we solve the problem of optimum performance against quota attainment,” says Xactly Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Broomfield. “For the finance personnel, Xactly helps mitigate risk, pay the right amount of money for a given level of performance, and close the books accurately and on time. Effectively making it two value propositions–one for the finance team and one for the sales team.”

As Xactly is a SaaS company working in an agile development cycle, customers are always on the latest version of the platform and receiving new innovations regularly—with no expensive or risky uploads, patching, or additional hardware required.
With Xactly’s open APIs and seamless integration with other key business management systems, customers can better optimize the entire customer value chain, from the first point of contact, through to final payment.

Xactly also adheres to the most stringent security policies and internal commitment to customer satisfaction and support, an initiative it calls Xactly Trust. The firm’s high customer retention rates– well above industry standards–stands as a testament to their dedication to ease of use, transparency, and customer service.

As the only pure-play multi-tenant SaaS compensation solution on the market, Xactly’s platform manages vast volumes of data, which the company is able to anonymously analyze across different industries. With this big data set, Xactly can offer customers the real-world insight they need to create more strategic incentive programs that drive greater revenue. Xactly has also recently expanded beyond sales to help any department harness the power of incentives to inspire better performance across the enterprise.

We are addressing the problem of making sure motivation and behavior aligns with the business objectives


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Scott Broomfield, CMO

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