Xavor Corporation: Designing Services That Revolve Around Business Needs

Xavor Corporation, founded by Humayun Rashid in 1995, is a global technology and management consulting firm committed to delivering quality custom solutions which enable its clients to realize significant gains in productivity and cost savings.

The company offers a specialized set of solutions for businesses seeking ways to maximize the value of their SharePoint investment and possess a deep understanding of the SharePoint ecosystem. Its expertise in providing SharePoint Upgrade and custom migration consultancy services to a number of Fortune 500 companies has led the company to develop SharePoint Migration tools which are considered as a valuable resource for organizations wishing to upgrade to SharePoint 2010. These tools help in seamless migration of contents and permissions from WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010. The premium tool offers advanced functionalities required for better administration of SharePoint environments as it includes features like governance, notifications, scheduling, and import/export.
Xavor has a proven cross-functional teamwork driven methodology which allows its customers business to leverage complementary viewpoints and arrive at solutions at a faster pace. The company’s proprietary workshop-driven, consultative approach helps establish team-driven leadership and ownership, define an organization model, define policies, define processes, build technology systems, define and build metrics, define roles and responsibilities, design management systems and build a sustainable infrastructure.

It empowers its clients to immediately identify large cost saving opportunities, establish team-driven leadership and ownership to save costs and identify revenue enhancing opportunities.

The company exhibits ambition to stay current, engages in conversations where new technologies add to its value, as well as, listens to those who are driving these changes.

Xavor Corporation

Irvine, CA

Maximizing the value of SharePoint investment and possessing understanding of the SharePoint ecosystem