XBASE Technologies: Democratizing Disaster Recovery for the SMB Market

Robin Chow, President & CEO
Small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) often find themselves on the leading edge when it comes to adopting new technology. SMB’s can quickly roll out the latest applications, try cloud based solutions or take advantage of BYOD and other trends. While this agility can give the SMB a competitive advantage, it can also dramatically increase the complexity of their environment, especially when it comes to Disaster Recovery Planning.

The old standards like tape backup and offsite storage are no longer a suitable means of safeguarding an organization when disaster strikes. With greater reliance on technology, comes greater scrutiny from stake holders to regulators on an organization’s ability to quickly recover from a disruption back to normal operations.

Proper DR planning is more than a bolt on solution. It should be planned from the ground up

“Large enterprises understand the critical need and have the resources to implement a proper DR plan. However, most small businesses lack the resources and expertise to implement DR technology,” states Robin Chow, President and CEO, XBASE Technologies. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), XBASE Technologies assists SMB organizations in developing and implementing DR plans that focus on restoring operations quickly through structured resumption solutions, remote access and offsite backup facilities.

Established in 1988, this Canadian company has been providing managed IT service long before the terms “Managed Service Provider” and “Outsourced IT” were ever coined. Over the decades, they have learned a lot about what works for small businesses.

The company’s service offering has evolved from the typical MSP services–helpdesk, remote monitoring and management, patch management etc.–to include fully managed private cloud hosting, infrastructure as a service and of course, integrated DR Services.
XBASE maintains multiple Tier III data centers within 100Km of downtown Toronto, all interconnected by a self-healing 10Gbps fiber optic ring. Powered by a CISCO network and implementing technologies from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, NeverFail and others, XBASE has designed redundancy and recoverability from the ground up.

Most of XBASE’s clients have no onsite servers at all, just a dedicated fiber optic connection and network switching equipment. The real heavy lifting is all done at the redundant data centers.

“Disaster Recovery needs to be part your DNA, not a ‘bolt on solution’ after the fact. Offering DR is a natural extension of our integrated service offering.” says Chow. “Who is better equipped to help in a DR situation than the company that is already managing your network?”

Building on this model allows XBASE to deliver a scalable solution based on enterprise best practices at a price point that SMB operations can live with. Through the use of virtualization, clients are given the opportunity to test their DR plan on a regular basis without impacting their production environment. XBASE is also expanding its DR Service to include hot seats and expanded remote access using Citrix and VoIP solutions.

In an effort to maintain its completive advantage in a market where too many new managed services providers are making wild claims of their abilities and credentials, XBASE has taken the high ground in providing third party audit of its operational methodology and maturity.

Recently certified by the MSP/Cloud Verify Program (MSPCV), MSP Alliance verified XBASE’s upholding of effective controls over its information technology managed services environment. In the very near future, XBASE is scheduled to complete the MSPCV’s SSAE 16 Type II certification and expand the MSP offerings to new and larger clients. “We are establishing a new larger DR center in new office space to increase our ability to deliver the physical workspaces from disaster situations,” concludes Chow.

XBASE Technologies

Toronto, ON

Robin Chow, President & CEO

To provide Enterprise level DR solutions to the SMB marketplace