Xceedure: Chief Enterprise Architecture Advisor

Ahmad K Shuja, Partner
At its core, Xceedure dedicates itself to providing a wide range of the highest quality Enterprise Architecture (EA) and related (including IT Service Management or ITSM) services and solutions which includes advisory, consulting, implementation, training as well as staffing. While many big-boat traditional EA firms have set ways and approaches to solving their client’s problems, Xceedure approaches each client with an open mind equipped with well-defined and tested techniques and tools. They create ‘right’ solutions for clients’ business challenges. “We don’t take one-size-fits-all approach in addressing our clients’ needs,” says Ahmad K. Shuja, Partner and Co-Founder, Xceedure.

Despite the best intentions of many EA firms, there are a few significant challenges the industry faces. For one, most enterprise level business improvement programs end up becoming technology modernization programs with minimal regard to how the business will need to operate in future to achieve favourable business outcomes. As enterprise architectures focus more on solving technology problems, addressing client challenges takes a back seat. “It is futile to restrict ourselves to client’s internal technological challenges without considering their overall business objectives,” Mr. Shuja points out. Getting distracted from addressing the real needs and solving the real problems is a challenge many in the EA realm fight to overcome, every day.

To combat this challenge, Xceedure begins by looking at the core value that the client’s enterprise exists to create and deliver, the business outcomes that must be realized, and by identifying and prioritizing associated challenges as well as opportunities. They offer different solutions in an attempt to separate themselves from the “cookie-cutter” solution mentality of many other EA companies.

The first of these solutions is to physically go into clients’ organizations and do a comprehensive assessment of their EA capabilities. To gauge this, Mr. Shuja and his partners take a comprehensive look at the culture, people, processes, and tools that their clients have using surveys, interviews, work sessions, and a variety of other tools and techniques.

With our expertise in EA and related areas, we take an overarching and holistic approach in solving the business challenges for our clients

This entire process can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks. The second and third solutions that Xceedure offer involve taking a look at this assessment, defining a strategy to achieve their clients’ goals, and then either implementing that strategy or enabling clients to implement while providing more advisory services.

The fourth service encompasses servicing small to medium-sized companies (that have up to 30-80 employees). In most cases, these companies are not large enough to justify having a full-scale in-house EA capabilities (people, process, technology, and information) and Xceedure acts more like an outsourced on-demand EA partner enabling realization of all the outcomes that large enterprises may achieve, but at a price point that small to medium-sized business enterprises can afford.

“EA, on its own, is not enough to enable realization of desired business outcomes. It requires truly internalizing what our clients are trying to achieve and identifying and using the right frameworks, methods, processes, tools, techniques, and technologies (including EA / TOGAF, ITSM / ITILv3, BPM, and others) to enable our clients achieve desired business outcomes,” says Mr. Shuja. “With our expertise in EA and related areas, we take an overarching and holistic approach in solving the business challenges for our clients.”

Forging ahead, Xceedure continues to bring high quality services and solutions to its clients. “Xceedure will always have a stack of tools and not be tied to any single particular piece of technology; we always have our client’s needs at the core of our business strategy,” concludes Mr. Shuja.


New Jersey

Ahmad K Shuja, Partner

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