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Rodney Gist, CEO
The frustration associated with insurance processing is second to none. From the lengthy experience of getting a claim filed, to the slow underwriting process, to the lack of data and analytics being used to personalize the customer experience; the insurance industry is ripe for disruption. Diverse solutions for the various facets of insurance can make collaboration with the consumer or the outside retail agent exceedingly tricky for the stakeholders. Different solutions integrated into one platform is the way out of this quandary. There is an upsurge of solution providers, big and small, who provide such a solution, but one name that stands out is XDimensional Technologies, with their secure, scalable and highly evolved platform that empowers and connects insurance agents, brokers, wholesalers, MGAs/MGUs, carriers and policyholders.

XDimensional’s Nexsure agency management platform is not a point solution; rather it is a platform, spanning functionality across the spectrum of insurance processing. With advanced CRM capabilities, the platform allows for the automated communication for a policy sold, cancelled at mid-term or an upcoming policy renewal, to the right people; the insured customers or the contacts--a game changer. Even submission management, rating, and policy-issuance are part of the platform for wholesalers, MGAs and carriers.

What sets the solution a league apart from its contemporaries is a unique synergy of modern technology and innovation. And, often, the latter is enabled by the former. Nexsure’s exclusive “email integration” feature is one of a myriad of examples. By utilizing the solution, an agency’s manual effort is considerably reduced, as the incoming emails from a carrier partner, a retail agency, or an insured client contact, are efficiently tracked by the system. This important communication is visible, irrespective of the file (client or carrier) being worked upon. “That aspect of email sounds like I am describing alchemy here, but it works incredibly well,” extols Robert Juracka, EVP of Business Development at XDimensional Technologies.

From a security standpoint, the platform supports multi-factor authentication, database encryption, IP filtering, and provides exceptional visibility (via multiple reports and dashboard views) of system access and events for auditing.

Using different manifestations of an innovative portal, specific to a client demographic, is the key to success in the industry

Furthermore, the document management capability not only provides for the automatic creation of dynamic, data-merged outputs, such as proposals and policy specimens, it also empowers users to manage, deliver and share files via the collaboration portals. Documents can be scanned directly in the system and converted to PDF files, from other formats, in a single click.

Moreover, XDimensional Technologies offers complete reporting interfaces for their customers and provides automation for those reports to be scheduled and delivered automatically to appropriate recipients. Even users interacting with the platform as outside collaborators, such as insured clients or agency partners, have a highly personalized experience. “Leveraging different manifestations of our innovative portal, specific to a client or retail agency demographic, is the key to relationship building and success for our customers,” says Juracka. “Everyone we work with in the insurance supply chain can be our customer. With one instance of our product, all business needs can be served,” he smiles.

As a one-stop shop, XDimensional Technologies saves time, money, and reduces the frustrations of managing multiple vendors and disparate systems for its clients. With its single unified code, it is hands-off maintenance. Being a part of the insurance industry for close to two decades, XDimensional Technologies has built a repertoire of loyal patrons who have been associated with the company for several years. Providing cost consistency and reliability has earned the company appreciation and accolades from their clients.

With solutions that deliver a seamless, connected work style and an engaging user experience essential for today’s online world, XDimensional Technologies’ growth curve only seems to be heading up and shows no sign of slowing down.

XDimensional Technologies

Brea, CA

Rodney Gist, CEO and Robert Juracka, EVP/Business Development

Provides insurance processing and distribution solutions through a scalable platform to agents, brokers, wholesalers, MGAs, carriers, and policy holders

XDimensional Technologies