XenatiX: Truly Integrated EHR Systems

Terry Price, President
When Terry Price came to Dallas in 2014, to take up his new role as the CIO of Metrocare Services, the largest provider of behavioral health services in Texas, it was apparent that the foremost task was to refurbish the EHR system. In the process of customizing the application to address the specific behavioral health requirements, the system was forced to evolve into a vastly diverted version, which took a toll on its performance and reliability. The lack of a future-proof product also brought out the reality of the prevailing healthcare scenario: only a solution that was developed from the ground-up would deliver the much-needed performance and reliability.

Poised to address the predicament, Price who was under the continuing support and backing of Metrocare formed XenatiX (a division of Metrocare) and embarked on a journey to take an audacious posture in the industry. Along with Metrocare’s Chad Williams, the cornerstone was laid in 2015 for XenatiX, “With a mission to deliver an innovative, intuitive, and engaging EHR that would satisfy explicit business needs, and exceed user experience,” states Terry Price, President, XenatiX. A non-profit organization, today, XenatiX works out of Irving, Texas with a seasoned team that consists of dedicated technical talent, healthcare, and regulatory experts on the integrated modular application approach. XenatiX’s strategy to work hand-in-glove with the three largest behavioral health providers in Texas has further enunciated its strong suit, along with the technology competence and the infusion of user-centered design principles that arm the solution to cater to the current and future needs.

Its web-based EHR solution is platform-agnostic, with encrypted browser cache capability, and a responsive design to allow users to work securely on any browser enabled device. Once of the differentiating features that set the XenatiX application apart is that it enables offline data capture with an objective of helping field workers to continue with their operations even in remote locations with poor or no internet connectivity for a period of approximately one week. “This alleviates the amount of Protected Health Information carried in paper and provides a significant reduction in compliance issues,” notes Price. Powered by readily available Microsoft solutions that require minimal IT skills to support the application, XenatiX offers both a fully hosted platform through SaaS as well as an on premise model for its customers.

Customers can select the desired modules to be implemented, and the XenatiX application shrinks or expands to seamlessly integrate the components into a cohesive platform

The Xenatix team uses rapid prototyping tools to provide functional demonstrations to subject matter experts based on the requirements given to provide their customers an opportunity to visualize the concept, and its related screen workflows. “Our customers can select the desired modules to be implemented, and the XenatiX application shrinks or expands to seamlessly integrate the components into a cohesive platform,” explains Price. Fully compliant with HIPAA, XenatiX’s software has several layers of security, from AD Authentication to HIPAA compliant login credentials to protect the data it encompasses. XenatiX also encrypts the web browsers’ database cache and the web traffic in transit between authorized entities.

XenatiX’s ability to identify its clients’ precise business challenges and deliver accordingly is reflected on its recent engagement with the Early Childhood Intervention, a program for families with children who have disabilities and developmental delays. The fully functional prototype is soon intended to become a mainstream module offering in the immediate future. Since its inception, XenatiX has been keen on designing integrated, highly interoperable solutions that will translate into high performance, robustness and state-of-the-art operations for healthcare institutions. “We believe our application will soon be expanding into other for profit and non-profit agencies to provide viable alternatives to their existing solution,”assures Price.


Irving, TX

Terry Price, President

A non-profit organization that develops EHR solutions tailored for behavioral health centers