Xenegrade: Student Registration Data In Integrated Cloud-Based System

Rick Stern, Founder
Student registration and program management software applications that are used by the credit bearing departments often do not fit the flexible formats and entrepreneurial nature of non-credit programs.

In many cases, the non-credit department’s use of credit based software does not support the type of short term courses and part time students that they serve. Being able to utilize technology that allows demand programming and flexibility is crucial to the bottom line and profitability.

Xenegrade’s philosophy has always been to provide scalable and affordable registration systems to organizations of all sizes. Enhancing and automating educational registration programs along with fast response support times and extensive system features, some of which are exclusive, are a major focus of Xenegrade.

XenDirect, a cloud based powerful student registration and event management system, the flagship product from Xenegrade is designed for non-credit educational organizations including colleges, universities, training organizations, workforce development programs and employer based training programs, and any organization providing education or training in the post-secondary market.

The product highlights of XenDirect include accessing secure data from any place. It allows instant analysis of the registration details, with an objective to increase revenue while decreasing cancellation rates. Of the two primary interfaces of XenDirect, the Web Registration Module is designed for students to view offerings, purchase courses, and manage their account. The Admin Module is the system interface the staff use for all aspects of managing programs.

Community colleges in-tune with their community’s education and workforce training needs often have smaller budgets and less IT support as compared to their large university counterparts. These factors make XenDirect a perfect fit to meet their need for a robust registration management system that fits into their budgetary constraints. Available in four different versions, XenDirect provides a solution for every need and budget.

Xenegrade also provides implementation and installation, data conversions and import, third party software integration, application training, customization design and development and consulting services.

With illustrious clientele spread throughout the U.S., Europe and Central America, the multiple advantages of using the XenDirect software have been excellently portrayed at The Department of Continuing Studies at Rutgers University. Here the single student registration and program management tool has brought together over 50 different and independent educational departments units. Using the XenDirect student registration system, Division of Continuing Studies (DoCS) of Rutgers University was able to manage all the programming, registrations, revenue finances and oversight, yet maintain separate department management and budgets. This integration allowed for a common branding of the DoCS programs, yet provided a level of independence and flexibility within each department.

Constant communication with customers and trade groups, provide information about trends and demands within the educational market that can be addressed by technology and related services. Potential customer feedback confirms that they may often desire to use XenDirect, a student registration system designed for non-credit, but are forced to use the system mandated by the credit side of the institution.

“Xenegrade seeks to minimize this barrier by integrating with the large campus systems so that customers in the non-credit departments are able to easily share data between XenDirect and the existing credit system,” says Rick Stern, CEO. Integration with learning management systems (LMS) used to deliver online courses and room management systems are also on the anvil.

These integrations are just one or many additional features being built based on valuable user inputs, XenDirect’s reputation remains the premier student registration system for lifelong learning, continuing education and non-credit educational organizations.


Bradenton, FL

Rick Stern, Founder

Xenegrade provides an integrated cloud based student registration system.