Xerox [NYSE:XRX]: Transformative Next-Gen MPS Programme

Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO
The exponential rate of technological innovation is forcing the business leaders towards a dire need of developing digital value propositions. Undoubtedly, the present and the future of the print industry both appear to be eminently disparate than they did two decades ago. Outgrown its humble beginning, Xerox [NYSE:XRX] spearheads the pace from mobile printing to cloud services to business process outsourcing. In due course, Xerox has become a state-of-the-art technology resource that businesses rely on to run more efficiently. By introducing printing equipment, business process services, and software and solutions, into the customer’s business atmosphere, Xerox designs their working culture to a better one with enriched features by enabling greater efficiency, productivity, work capacity and personalization.

Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO, Xerox believes that the prime differentiator of Xerox is its extent of service offerings that comprises a full range of printing services right from the front office to the print room. The Norwalk, CT based firm’s Managed Print Services (MPS) has diverse innovative technologies for enhanced document security, productivity and sustainability. The next generation MPS platform is built on three pillars—secure and integrate, assess and optimize, and automate and simplify. These essentials are supported by a wide range of services, technology and products that support enterprise initiatives around productivity, cost reduction, and sustainability.

Xerox Print Awareness Tool from the MPS platform is a unique approach contributing to sustainability management and minimizing print volumes. Through this the users will be able to see the print usage, using an interactive desktop interface to improve the print behavior. Whilst, Xerox Print Security Audit Service from MPS platform helps users to manage their security across fleet infrastructure by scanning the network and performing automated audit. This software further compares the current device’s security settings against the IT configuration and security policy, driving consistent device behavior across the MPS environment. Embarking upon the success, the platform’s Mobile Print Solution enables employees to stay productive by securing their document irrespective of where they are.

The next generation MPS platform is built on three pillars—secure and integrate, assess and optimize, and automate and simplify

This tool helps in locating printers within a public print network using maps and GPS, and reliably sends the print job to the preferred location— for flexible delivery models either on premises or via the cloud.

The many stories of the company stand as testament to its strong hold in the market place. Once, Xerox assisted Nubar Printing House, a company known for its quality offset printing services as they faced challenges in handling quick turnarounds and small quantity prints. Nubar’s offset facilities could not accommodate short-run projects since it was too expensive and time-consuming to produce. In an attempt to keep pace with the latest technology and printing trends, Nubar approached Xerox and was encouraged to install Xerox’s digital solutions to help expand its client base, embarking on a huge market. Using Xerox’s innovative printing technology, the client was able to run up to 75 pages per minute on uncoated stocks and had a smooth switch from offset to digital printing. Ensuing this, Nubar was able to increase their digital client base by 30 percent, reduce costs on short-run projects, decrease risk and cost of missing deadlines, improve turnaround times and fully integrate digital printing for new and existing clients.

Adding to their growth trajectory, Xerox’s current strategy for growth is to continue its transformation into a services provider by being tightly connected to technology. To achieve this, the firm is focusing on three core areas, business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing, and document outsourcing. Xerox aims to foster new product innovation, and expand its operations steadily to harness the customer requisites by augmenting their services according to the needs of the customers.


Norwalk, CT

Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO

Provides managed print services, innovation and automation for better document security, productivity and sustainability