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John Visentin, Vice Chairman and CEO
Enterprise content management has witnessed plenty of shifts, changes, and disruptions driven by the continual advancement of technology. ‘Paperless office,’ a technology vision that seemed like a futuristic fantasy, is turning into a new reality. However, transitioning from paper to paperless business processes is not a trivial undertaking as no technology-driven business change is devoid of risk and cost. While most organizations are making strides in going paperless or reducing paper from their business processes, a large part of the corporate world is still trapped in the stereotype of paper documents— pages, folders, files, labels. Businesses worldwide are prioritizing investment in ways to draw ideas from data, automate workflows, personalize at scale and facilitate a flexible workforce. Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX)—a technology leader focused on the intersection of digital and physical—helps organizations thrive by empowering them to work better. In the era of intelligent work, Xerox doesn’t just think about the future but makes it by leveraging automation and next-generation personalization to redefine enterprise productivity, drive growth and make the world more secure. “We are focused on increasing the breadth of our offerings to better reach new and existing clients and drive organic growth,” says John Visentin, Vice Chairman and CEO of Xerox.

Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

Xerox has released the latest version of its innovative content management platform—Xerox® DocuShare® 7.5—designed to spark peak performance enables organizations to access documents, images, layouts, and presentations, make informed decisions and get things done without hassle. Through the release, Xerox has added a new feature—Application Connector—a URL based search that searches for all Documents for given property through a URL in DocuShare and offers usability enhancements with multi-select view and document uploading. Additionally, the Connector Feature for DocuSign seamlessly integrates DocuSign eSignature workflows. Xerox® DocuShare® 7.5 also supports pre-configured content rules that automate and simplify frequent workflows to save time.

Xerox has been helping numerous companies stay on top in the digital age and reinvent their business processes. The company’s constant pursuit to ensure customer success can be further expounded by the success story of the 99-year-old, family-run furniture maker, Fairfield Chair, based in Lenoir, North Carolina. Fairfield Chair often found itself drowning in paper as the entire office floor was full of more than 150 filing cabinets with answers to many important customer questions, which couldn’t be found and shared easily. By turning to Xerox, Fairfield Chair moved from an analog to digital system with DocuShare that allowed them to scan papers into a central content management system in the cloud where documents can be managed, measured, and securely stored for official access. With Xerox, the furniture maker seamlessly digitized 500,000 documents.

Xerox has always been at the forefront of innovation. To help companies speed their digital transformation, the company recently launched Xerox AltaLink® C8100 and Xerox AltaLink B8100 Series multi-function printers (MFPs) that support today’s flexible work environment, with access to ConnectKey® ecosystem of apps. In combination with ConnectKey apps, AltaLink 8100 series helps speed workplace digitization by supporting ultra-fast scanning of a maximum of 270 images per minute and Optical Character Recognition that allows for the extraction of more value from information. The tablet-like user interface provides users with easy, familiar interaction (options to print from their mobile devices). These workplace assistants essentially bridge the physical and digital world with innovative apps through which challenging hand-written documents can be converted into editable text, and auto-redacting documents for private information.

We are focused on increasing the breadth of our offerings to better reach new and existing clients and drive organic growth

In addition, by realizing that flexible workforce demands heightened security, Xerox partners with leading cybersecurity experts like McAfee and Cisco, to equip AltaLink with comprehensive built-in security that protects both the device and network. Xerox also integrates with industry-leading security solutions like Security Information and Event Management solutions from McAfee, LogRhythm and Splunk to simplify reporting and management of security events.

Staunch Anchor during Pandemic Turbulence

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all facets of life, forcing immediate recalibrations of how the corporate world works today. To uncover how IT decision-makers are addressing major considerations in a highly fluid environment, Xerox commissioned new global research, The Future of Work Survey. 600 IT leaders, representing organizations with 500 people or more across industries, including business and professional services, retail, health care, financial services, and travel and hospitality, were surveyed.

The survey reflects the diverse nature of companies and the differing calculations they must make in returning employees to the workplace. The pandemic has broadly reshaped attitudes of decision-makers around remote working with work-from-home becoming the new norm. However, 95 percent of respondents flagged the importance of in-person communication for personal development and talent assessment. While technology infrastructure, network, and data security still remain major issues, companies focus on embracing a blended hybrid work-life model. To this end, the first phase of Xerox’s Future of Work effort was developed to interpret the impact of the pandemic on global companies and their perspectives on technology. “We have learned in profound ways just how interconnected we are, despite our differences, and that we must work together to make meaningful progress against all that challenges us as individuals and society,” remarks Visentin.

Xerox recently helped PharmaJet move from a single local server in an office closet to a cloud-based system. Xerox helped PharmaJet realize its vision of using its IT hardware as painless as its needle-free injections. Migrating to the cloud saved PharmaJet a whopping $75,000 investment in hardware equipment. With access to Xerox’s services extending beyond the internet, PharmaJet receives full-time tech support, faster internet speed, and enhanced security.

Businesses across the world are preparing for the post-pandemic era of work against various unknowns and constraints of significant uncertainties. As organizations of all sizes move toward a digital future, reliance on flexible, innovative, and robust enterprise management is spreading into almost every aspect of work life. While content creation is ripe for its own digital disruption, Xerox continues to define the path forward. “Our plan to stand up three separate businesses by 2022 will provide greater focus, flexibility, and visibility as we position Xerox for the future,” notes Visentin.

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John Visentin, Vice Chairman and CEO

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