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Amit Banerji, President and Founder
The present global economy confirms a mounting demand for higher-level accountability and transparency from public sector organizations, coupled with decisions making issues regarding budgetary and resources. To survive and match these pressing expectations, the public sector needs innovative and integrated technology solutions. Adopting new and advanced technologies can help organizations to improve their services and achieve process efficiency. In contrast, “initiating new technology is often a challenge as the public sector tends to be slow in adaptaion toward new approaches,” states Amit Banerji, President and Founder, xFact.

xFact is a global information technology and services firm that assists public sector organizations to thrive in present business and policy environment by providing business-to-business technology with strong strategic planning. xFact helps clients understand, navigate, and meet business challenges. “We focus not only on the issues of the day, but also on long-term success and sustainability to help clients focus on their mission,” extols Banerji. xFact engages its FOCUS methodology and delivers a five point approach to its clients—Facilitate (F), Organize (O), Commitment (C), Unobtrusive (U), and Simplify (S). Presenting themselves as a facilitator of clients’ business vision, the company, with its steadfast dedication, simplifies projects by changing complex ideas in a structured and seamless manner. “Public safety, criminal justice, education, consumer rights, and many more projects have been successfully executed by xFact’s in-house expertise and experience.”

Moreover, helping public sector firms foresee and plan any technological crisis management, xFact provides a strategic business and technology roadmap along with funding recommendations, risk analysis, and related support. At the outset, xFact prioritizes on the most important problem rather than attempting to solve everything at the same time. The company manages a project by breaking it down into smaller parts. xFact solves, fixes, and integrates those smaller project segments to create the overall solution. The company recognizes the importance of business goals and therefore considers technology as an enabler not a driver. xFact’s solutions are built on three key formulas—clear, candid, and concise.
“Our project management service tracks and monitors projects and delivers effective, rapid, and highly personalized services,” says Banerji. xFact, through its technical architecture, collects an organization’s resource inputs and recommends suitable technologies that support their new automated business environment. The company also defends legacy technologies of an organization while making use of its existing data and content.

We focus not only on the issues of the day, but also on longterm success and sustainability to help clients focus on their mission

xFact’s Technical Architecture solution offers expert recommendations on the suitable technologies needed to assist any organization’s automated business environment. It also plans service-oriented architecture and designs and links business strategies with technology. “xFact's management team and staff have decades of experience and offer local knowledge, complemented by a global sensibility,” extols Banerji. For instance, the company had worked in Timor-Leste, a Southeast Asian nation, to make the national justice sector more efficient and transparent. The company handled projects, including police management and investigation management by designing, developing, and implementing an end-toend case management system.
“The result was an integrated and sustainable system able to reduce court backlogs, increase the ability to make data-driven decisions, and provide a mechanism for good governance,” he adds. xFact has completed various multimillion dollar projects starting from initiating business plans for addressing rapid and immediate market needs, to restoring national information systems.

The company provides the public sector an opportunity to focus on their priorities and gain advantages from transparent technology solutions that help streamline business practices. Apart from enhancing its existing solutions and services, “xFact looks forward to creating an app-based platform consisting of cooperative autonomous applications to enable easy usability of technology,” concludes Banerji.


North Andover, MA

Amit Banerji, President and Founder

A global information technology and services firm that assists public sector organizations to thrive in present business environments by providing businessto- business technology aired with strong strategic planning