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Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO CIOs across industries want to “visualize” their data today, to extract meaningful insights. However, there’s a major predicament that turns this ‘easy’ task into a ‘difficult’ one—siloed datawith the exponentially growing 4V challenges associated withBig Data. A common misconception is that Big Data is a technology for large volume of data. As defined by an important Commission on Big Data, big data is “a phenomenon that is a result of the rapid acceleration and exponential growth in the expanding volume of high velocity, complex and diverse types of data.” The problems with over ~2.3 trillion gigabytes of data created every day, demand for very rapid data capture and real-time analytics and predictions with over 30 billion people sharing content on Facebook/ Twitter, over 4 billion hours of video watched on YouTube is accompanied by another key problem, the data trust. One in three business leaders don’t trust the information they use to make decisions. Poor data quality costs the US economy ~$3.1 trillion a year.

Enter xFusion Technologies. xFusion’s holistic approach, xAGILITY 360® addresses rapid iterative modernization and data integration challenges throughout the end-to-end lifecycle phases: Planning, Building, and Operating Digital Services. xFusion is constantly engaged in research and innovation to address the challenges in today’s data intensive organizations.

"xAQUA Unified Data Platform (UDP) 2.0 Enables Enterprise Data Community, Agility and Efficiency"

xFusion has identified three core problem areas related to data Integration, Interoperability and Insight functions – a quandary they address as ‘3i’ and the data management and governance.

Onenail and hammer for every problem!

The Big Data challenges have triggered the birth of many complex tools and technologies. Necessity is constantly driving rapid new inventions that’s making it difficult for every organization to keep up with the pace. These diversified complex noninteroperable tools and technologies require widespread technology expertise within the organization. The technology complexity, combined with the lack of expertise is becoming a major hindrance for most organization to be successful with their data projects.

The Disconnected World!

Absence of a holistic strategy, approach and plan has created disconnected data, tools, technologies & standards, disconnected people and disconnected operationsacross the enterprise. The enterprises having multiple metadata management tolls and each of those has siloed metadata repositories that doesn’t benefit anything more than drawing few reports. These metadata aren’t actionable and can’t be used for other data functions such as data Integration, creating data services or delivering data insight. Same is true for multiple disconnected tools for all other data functions.

Knowledge Monopoly!

Most cases the data knowledge is owned by a few Subject Matter Experts (SME) within the organization. This creates critical dependencies on them resulting high risks and cost, low agility and low efficiency.

xAQUA Unified Data Platform (UDP) 2.0 establishes a new standard in delivering enterprise data functions, Integration, Interoperability and Insight (3i)

“xFusion is constantly engaged in research to innovate the solutions for these challenges and thexAQUA® Unified Data Platform (UDP) 2.0holistically addresses those challenges”, says Sanjib Nayak, the CEO of xFusion Technologies.

xAQUA® Unified Data Platform (UDP) 2.0

xFusion’s xAQUA® UDP 2.0 addresses the above problems by integrating the end to end data lifecycle functions - integration, interoperability and insight (3i) combined with the metadata management, master data management, data quality management, fraud detection, alerts and predictions augmented by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI).

Single Integrated Platform

Data Integration, Interoperability and Insight (3i) functions are integrated in a single unified platform with built-in Master and Metadata Management, Alert, Recommendations, Fraud Detection, Data Quality Management, and Governance capabilities.

Technology Abstraction

xAQUA® UDP 2.0 is built on top of advanced and complex modern technology stack and open standards. The technology complexities are abstracted from the users through configuration driven intuitive and interactive user interfaces so that the users don’t need to worry about the technology complexities and expertise.

Agile and Adaptive

The xAQUA® UDP 2.0 architecture and solution approach allow iterative data management, integration, analytics and data visualization functions and is adaptable to changes very quickly and efficiently.

Data Community and Collaboration

xAQUA® UDP 2.0 offers a single integrated platform for diversified data roles such as Data Owner, Data Steward, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Quality Manager, Integration Developer, Data Modeler, and Fraud Analyst etc. to co-ordinate and collaborate.

Democratization of Data Knowledge

On top of enabling data community and collaboration, xAQUA® UDP 2.0 allows self-service data knowledge and research to empower everyone with the data knowledge and eliminate the critical dependencies on a handful of experts.

Actionable Metadata

xAQUA® UDP 2.0 integrates the Enterprise Metadata and Operational Data so that the Metadata can be used across the entire lifecycle of Data Integration, Interoperability and Insight.

Augmented by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI)

The data functions such as Master Entity Resolution, predictions, alerts, fraud detections, automated data and metadata linkage are augmented by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Low Code/No Code Platform

The xAQUA® UDP 2.0 is a low code/no code platform for data integration, interoperability and insight with built in data management and governance.

Scalable for Massive Data Operations

The platform uses modern technologies for massive parallel processing (MPP) for batch and stream data integration.
Focused on providing a comprehensive approach to data visualization, xAQUA UDP 2.0 is an industry agnostic solution and service portfolio that assists clients in integrating their external data, operational data and metadata.

It is purpose-built for rapid, agile integration, visualization, and agile mastering of data. Built on top of the xAQUA Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP), the solution combines the API-, Cloud-, and DevOps-First principles to provideend-to-end capabilities for enterprise data functions. It leverages the built-in API platform to share the integrated Data as a Service (DaaS).

Nayak explains that the solution can be applied to create industry-specific solutions, such as Patient 360, which can accumulate patient data and create a 360-degree view. “We approach technology initiatives with a business context; this enables us to seek tangible outcomes,” he says.

Fuelling innovation in partnership with public and private sector companies

Specializedin serving public and private sector organizations, xFusion Technologies’ management team, employees, and business partners are skilled in selected domains and technologies. They bring years of expertise in business, information, and technology architecture, strategy, business, and systems analysis, enterprise architecture (EA), service-oriented architecture (SOA), big data ecosystems, machine learning, and data visualization, business process management (BPM), legacy modernization strategy, and systems integration.

xFusion Technologies is constantly exploring emerging technology that brings new and innovative capabilities and accelerators to help organizations in delivering rapid agile values, quickly and efficiently. xFusion has established strategic partnerships with several private and public sector organizations to drive innovation.

Innovation and Beyond

What differentiates xFusion Technologies, according toNayak,are the four cornerstones that define the company’s services for each of their customers: leadership, innovation, integrity, and commitment. Summarizing the company’s focal direction, he says, “As IT complexity grows, xFusion Technologies will act as a strong pillar that supports countless enterprises, progressing further on the path of excellence. Our spirit for continuous research and innovation on modern technologies and architecture practices to solve specific business problemsmakesus a front row thought leader. This enables us to deliver innovative business-technology solutions using modern, disruptive technologies to fulfil our commitments to customers with the utmost Integrity.”

For the future, xFusion Technologies will be releasing Unified Data Platform 2.0 which will be a focused advancement of the xAQUA product. In addition to adding more functional features to the UDP, xFusion will have dedicated focus on adding more features for enabling data community, collaboration, agility and efficiency via the augmentation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Set to release in the first quarter of 2020, the platformwill include more functions onmetadata and master data management capabilities. “We are excited about what the future holds for us, and our latest innovation will takeus to a new level as we roll it out nationally,” informs Nayak. The key values which will be delivered are:

• Simple, Intuitive, and intelligent platform – Abstraction of technology stack with simple intuitive user interface eliminates the need for complex technology knowledge and expertise. The platform intelligence is augmented by ML/AI.

• Rapid Agile Delivery of Insight – The Low code/No code platform with built in agility and adaptability allows rapid agile and iterative delivery of business values to the customers.

• Lower Risk - Substantially lowers the risk by reducing critical dependencies on few SMEs, self-service data knowledge and research.

• Lower Cost Substantially reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

xFusion Technologies

Rancho Cordova, CA

Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO

xFusion Technologies offers the industry-best solutions and services that assists clients to integrate, visualize, and master data. They offer a comprehensive suite of services in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Legacy Systems Modernization, Custom Product Development, Outsourced Product Development, and Data Engineering. They have an innovative digital platform called " xAQUA ®" whose capability they offer as a service .Relying on the four cornerstones that define the company’s services for their clients, which includes leadership, innovation, integrity, and commitment, they have served many public and private sector organizations and helped them to generate desired bussiness outcomes