xG Health Solutions: Translating Opportunities into Actions

Herman Jenich, MPP, Chief Analytics Officer
“We focus on building a culture of data-driven management in an organization. Our approach empowers analyst-clinician collaboration,” begins Herman Jenich, MPP, xG Health Solution’s Chief Analytics Officer, who manages xG’s portfolio of analytic products that have been built through ground-up development and through collaboration with Geisinger and other strategic partners. With the healthcare industry now realizing the importance of population health management (PHM) in driving innovation and investment toward healthcare services, xG Health Solutions has been assisting a growing number of organizations along their PHM analytical journey. The company offers turnkey, and proven,analytic solutions to manage financial and clinical performance, including reports, dashboards, predictive modeling, analytic interpretation, and consultation services.

Backed by decades of practical experience developed at Geisinger and nurtured at other high-performing payers and providers, xG Health performs detailed analysis on administrative and clinical data captured within healthcare organizations to recognize key patterns linked to successes and failures and then provides actionable insights and recommendations for improvement. xGAnalyticsTM is distinguished by going beyond just slicing and dicing of data to focusing users on the most important drill paths required to identify actionable results from clinical, financial, and operational perspectives. xGAnalyticsTM processes the most relevant information from a client’s payer and clinical data and enriches it by creating a suite of metrics, filters, and drill paths that can be used to compare performance to targets and benchmarks. The firm also reviews analytic results and advises clients on key opportunities, even helping them build recommendations on how to intervene effectively. For organizations already equipped with analytical tools, xG Health helps them sift through the data and reports so that they can build an effective population health program by focusing on the most important items—the actionable items that will result in financial and clinical success.

Our goal is to be turnkey—to make sure the data burden is off the client’s shoulders so they can focus on translating opportunities into actions

xG Health’s broad analytic portfolio not only encompasses a full population health solution but also includes specific analytics for ACO and bundled payment arrangements. Both suites are fined tuned to align with CMS programs and typical commercial insurer approaches. “Our goal is to be turnkey—to make sure the data burden is off the client’s shoulders, so they can focus on translating opportunities into actions,” explains Jenich.

xG Health also offers care management and care redesign services for a variety of clients, including integrated hospital systems, patient and medical homes, and different provider groups. “We use our analytics to help clinicians understand admission rates, readmission rates, and ED visits, and we work in tandem with our clients’ clinical teams,” explains Jenich. xG Health’s analytics has helped clients deploy care management and redesign approaches that have driven admissions down by 17-32 percent, readmissions by 20-72 percent, and ED visits by 7-14 percent. Overall, clients experience sustained and significant improvements in care quality and efficiency, including material reductions in unnecessary utilization and increased revenue by operating more efficiently, closing care gaps, and increasing market share.

Currently, the company is also working with strategic partners to embed xG’s intellectual property into third-party toolsets, thereby more quickly reaching a large market. Using Geisinger as the innovation engine and adding expertise from other relationships, the company is developing additional solutions— effectively harnessing the “best blend of market ideas” in the process.

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Columbia, MD

Herman Jenich, MPP, Chief Analytics Officer

xG Health solutions’ population health analytics offers clients actionable outcomes that drive clinical, financial, and operational success

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