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Peter Swaniker, CEO
Organizations spend hours preparing staff schedules. Time-consuming legacy scheduling methods can disrupt enterprise workflows and don’t suit the booming pace at which businesses operate. Having witnessed the staff scheduling difficulties faced by a close family member, Peter Swaniker, CEO of Ximble, created a software solution to simplify the process. “For most organizations, labor is one of the biggest cost drivers, and inefficient staff scheduling can be a major problem. Ximble empowers users with smarter labor allocation,” says Swaniker.

Legacy methods such as physical charts and spreadsheets dominate scheduling operations across many enterprises. These traditional methods make it cumbersome to synchronize employee schedules with changing operational dynamics. It is challenging to maintain the required workforce levels for optimal running of the business. Abrupt changes in schedules— which are inevitable across various industry verticals, especially the retail space— can disrupt normal workflows if there are inadequate mechanisms for notifying employees. Moreover, overstaffing and understaffing affect organizations’ financial stability and overall operations.

Ximble’s inception was an answer to these challenges. Its advanced software helps clients address scheduling complexities in real-time and enables optimal staffing allocation. The company provides a platform that allows employees direct, multi-device access to work schedules. Ximble also eliminates difficulties in notifying employees about schedule changes by incorporating provisions of instant text messages or push notifications. This also saves time, allowing management to focus on core business decisions.

Clients can access Ximble’s cloud-based schedule maker from any device including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. This helps simplify workforce management as it ensures the entire team is aware of the latest schedule updates. Machine learning and AI empowers the platform to analyze demand curves and help clients make proactive staff schedules which meet varying requirements.

Ximble empowers users with smarter labor allocation

Ximble also offers a flexible time-tracking system that helps employees clock-in using many different methods, including facial recognition, pin code, or QR codes. Employees can also make use of Ximble’s mobile app to clock-in through mobile device. The solution incorporates geo-fencing features to guarantee that employees are always in the right place, at the right time. The time clock app automatically generates payroll reports with precision and calculates everything from overtime to paid vacation. Ximble pays serious attention to the privacy of clients’ user data by following all industry standards including encryption methods to ensure that data is only transmitted through secure channels.

With its outstanding features, Ximble has received wide attention in the business realm especially from the retail arena, which still suffers “scheduling setbacks” associated with legacy systems. As Swanicker mentions, Ximble’s users are able to eliminate complexities in workforce management which in turn can reduce their overall time spent on scheduling by 60 percent. On top of that, its clients can experience an increase in revenue per employee by 5 percent, saving around 7.2 percent payroll cost.

Today, companies across 35 countries leverage Ximble’s platform for their scheduling and workforce management operations. The firm’s customer-centric approach and capacity to customize its solution make it accessible to organizations from all verticals. Additionally, as mobile phones increasingly become the preferred platform of choice, especially in the retail arena, Ximble’s mobile-based advancements further enhance its solution stack. The company is also planning for more integrative approaches taking inspiration from changing market trends.


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Peter Swaniker, CEO

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