Xink: Pioneering email signatures standards

Bjarne Mess, Founder
While it may be overlooked by some but, for Bjarne Mess, Founder of Xink, email signatures are a critical part of corporate identity. “There is a lot more to corporate email signatures than just the contact details of the employee and a company logo. They are strong bearers of the corporate brand and with targeted messaging email signatures have the potential to make an even bigger impact on gaining clicks and leads than costly marketing campaigns,” he remarks. For him, the journey started fourteen years ago when he ditched suits and embarked on an entrepreneurial odyssey to shape his idea of setting brand standards through email signatures. Today, the company is among the world’s leading providers of email signature software.

Xink’s email signature cloud software is the easiest way to create, share, and manage email signatures, organization-wide. The software integrates with all common email platforms such as Office 365, G Suite and Exchange Server, and kick starts enforcing brand consistency and professionalism while making sure the client is compliant. It also makes email signatures an affordable and effective way to market to current and potential customers and comes with email signature marketing analytics and insights for businesses. It helps users see open rates, clicks, and the geo-location of recipients and makes it easier for marketers to identify which campaigns have grabbed the maximum attention of the users.

With its simple cloud solution for Office 365, Xink calls a halt to the perils of creating, deploying, and managing corporate email signatures by combining cutting-edge email signature management features. Its browser-based interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, enabling users to access email signatures for Office 365 and email signature campaigns result effortlessly. “It’s been our mantra for the past many years to be able to ensure that the users ‘actually’ see the signature while writing their emails,” says Bjarne Mess. Xink for Office 365 offers a secure and extremely reliable ‘Rerouting’ feature that enables mobile users to include the Office 365 signatures, regardless of the device being used to send the email.

The mobile device email signature is replaced with the one that the client uses as standard and is then communicated back to the Office 365—ready to be distributed across any devices.

It’s been our mantra for the past many years to be able to ensure that the users ‘actually’ see the signature while writing their emails

“Your own Office 365 account sends the email, not Xink’s servers. The recipient will have no idea that your message was sent from a mobile device,” remarks Bjarne Mess. The company uses data centers in U.S. and Europe to target the local laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulations and email messages are rerouted only through this secure and ISO 27001 certified secure cloud environment.

Today, a large scale of employee circulation takes place around an enterprise, giving rise to issues regarding email user directory. Xink, on the other hand, supports the full Office 365 user directory integration, whose benefits range from database continuity and accessibility to providing a simple means of transferring employee information to another platform. Synchronizing employee database over to Xink helps entire organizations to leverage custom email signatures along with customized and role-dependent email signature marketing campaigns. Xink also supports other platforms such as Dynamics 365, which unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications.

Recently, the Xink team has developed a state-of-the-art algorithm, patented in the US, that will transform a picture into HTML and integrate it naturally into the email, and it can be seen in the future versions of Xink. The reason behind this development is to get rid of right click to view images, emails coded as spam and other problems that prohibit an email from looking impressive and impactful. “It will transform how we will experience imagery in emails in the future,” states Bjarne Mess. Presently, the company serves thousands of customers in more than 90 countries, and it is growing vigorously.


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Bjarne Mess, Founder

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