XMPro: Intelligent BPM Solutions for Smarter Digital Enterprises

Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO
Businesses are exposed to an increasing number of events on a day-to-day basis that require immediate actions. These events—both anticipated and unforeseen — come from customers, competitors and employees. Consequently businesses need the ability to respond to these events quickly and predictably with either structured or unstructured actions. XMPro, a Dallas, TX based company leverages their BPM technology to handle both structured and unstructured work. “Sometimes structured workflow is needed because of governance requirements. Other times dynamic BPM allows some flexibility or an adaptive case approach is needed for complete flexibility. We offer them all. We find that customers don't want a workflow tool and a case tool separately. They want their work management all to happen in one place.” says Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO, XMPro Inc.

XMPro’s Intelligent Business Operations Suite does not rely on BPM technology alone, but combines BPM with operational intelligence. This gives it the ability to sense business events, decide if an action is needed and respond with immediate action when appropriate.

Also, XMPro’s Event Processing Platform is more than just a CEP (Complex Event Processing) engine. The company provides a complete package of an integration framework, event sensing capability, a complex event processor and the ability to trigger automated actions. Furthermore, XMPro’s Event Processing Platform is made up of Active Listeners, Smart Queries and Action Agents with easy to set up data stream integration coupled with an intuitive front-end UI. The company’s scalable cloud capabilities enable the CEP to actively listen to millions of data points per second using highly responsive Smart Queries. The real value comes from being able to create Action Agents based on specific triggers. Based on certain conditions, these Action Agents can automatically update BI tools, send SMS notifications and initiate a workflow when thresholds are exceeded.

We enable businesses to make faster and more consistent fact-based decisions without having to adopt separate tools for BPM and operational intelligence

XMPro’s key differentiating factor from a technology perspective is the event-based architecture. The company operates on an event-based structure rather than the conventional old-style workflow engine. From a business perspective, clients affiliate with XMPro more on a business partner level, rather than a supplier. We are not driven by our competitors, but rather by our customers' needs. We are fortunate to have innovative and forward thinking large organizations as customers. We work with them to determine what future features would add the most value to their business,’’ says Pieter.

XMPro has been delivering incremental enhancement to its customers across verticals. For a Fortune 10 oil & gas customer XMPro created new operational intelligence to improve asset utilization by combining streaming event data with their in-house data and then initiating new business processes as actions. The customer can now exploit business moments at scale, which they couldn't do before the implementation.

XMPro’s future roadmap is fabricated around the billions of devices in the Internet of Things that are going to require event-response based system. The company is expanding their real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics to further improve decision management. On the BPM side we will continue to make it easy for people to work in a UI that is intuitive, collaborative and available on mobile. Our roadmap and innovative strategy will adjust based on what we hear from our thought-leading customers, concludes Pieter.


Dallas, TX

Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO

An end-to-end solution provider for Intelligent Business Operations, Workflow, Sharepoint Process Management and Complex Event Processing.

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