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Ian Dagg, Managing Director
COVID-19 has severely disrupted business operations on a global scale, and “digital” has fast become an imperative for top-performing procurement functions. Business owners and entrepreneurs alike will have to adapt to a new set of rules and transform their businesses digitally and turn their attention to unlocking funds intelligently and building future-proof resilience. Companies attempting to do this will have to advance their automation and digitisation roadmaps to cut unwanted costs, become lean, and bring in efficiencies.

“Many businesses have chosen us over the bigger traditional consultancies since our approach is refreshing, practical and focused on real outcomes for our clients”, begins Ian Dagg, Managing Director of Xoomworks. London based procurement consulting company, Xoomworks specialises in procurement technology, transformation and procurement support services. The company’s goal is to enable procurement transformation through three simple steps and cater to all firms irrespective of their size or background. As per clients’ varying needs and requirements, Xoomworks analyses the priorities set by a customer and lays out a roadmap for the digital procurement transformation by developing a target operating model and blueprints for the associated technology. “We put rigorous discovery and preparation into our projects and invest a lot of time up front,” adds Dagg.

Next, the company, through its collaboration with major technology providers in this space, focuses on implementing the technology and integrating systems into businesses. “How we implement the technology is what differentiates us,” adds Dagg. Xoomworks allocates highly experienced teams for the implementation process which is carried out through sourcing, purchase to pay, supplier and contract management solutions. Last but not least the company provides ongoing multilingual support services from service desk support or running, sourcing events, or onboarding, to managing suppliers or helping to drive new releases of clients’ cloud technology solution. It enables the clients to free up time and build their businesses efficiently and effectively while focusing on more strategic activities. “When you package our three-tier offerings, you get a whole life cycle of services which takes procurement ultimately to the next level,” states Dagg. Xoomworks is committed to delivering real outcomes for its clients, for example, without any additional costs, Xoomworks returns after six months to client projects and performs full data extraction to review and recommend further ways of utilising clients’ technology investments. “We are genuinely interested in our clients’ success and financial savings,” adds Dagg.

Certain critical elements define Xoomworks’ ability to outrun the larger consulting companies. Since its inception, the the company has never forgotten the importance of getting the basics correct.

Many businesses have chosen us over the bigger traditional consultancies since our approach is refreshing, practical and focused on real outcomes for our clients

With a team of highly experienced subject matter experts possessing the right skillsets, Xoomworks has rescued many projects that initially failed. “We have a methodology, a playbook and a set of tools and templates that have been built up over the last 20 years,” states Dagg. Consequently, every completed project contributes to making their methodology, playbook, and tools better.

For instance, Xoomworks was engaged by a global medical manufacturer to standardise its operating model and implement a global Source to Pay Coupa solution to reduce costs and gain greater visibility of spend. With research, manufacturing and administrative centres across the globe, Xoomworks initially supported the client to create a global design that served as both the target operating model and blueprint for a single, global, cloud solution.

Following the initial design sign-off, Xoomworks supported the progressive roll-out of the solution to their operating territories in EMEA, North America, and APAC. A vital requirement of this approach was that the client became self-sufficient as early as possible, and the roll-out phases were therefore adapted to be increasingly led by the client. As well as serving as an effective change management mechanism, this approach kept costs low, ensured rapid ownership of the solution for the client and delivered value earlier.

“The key to our future growth is through constant innovation, either through our own products such as our integration tool, XoomConnect, that cuts integration cycles by fifty percent, or through partnerships with next generation companies such as UIPath in the RPA space” quotes Dagg. Xoomworks has an established footprint in UK, France, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania and also a sister company in US called RiseNow. The firm has already worked globally across 65 countries on 500 different projects over twenty years. With an aggressive growth plan, Xoomworks aims to strengthen current technology partnerships and build up more ground teams across Europe. “We are always focused on customer success and a fresh approach to projects that will allow us to attain a better global footprint,” concludes Dagg.


London, UK

Ian Dagg, Managing Director

Xoomworks is a specialist procurement consultancy working with a range of global to mid-size organisations in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US to effect procurement transformation