XOS Digital: VR and Cloud Enabled Championship Solutions

Matt Bairos, CEO
The integration of technology has made the world of sports very competitive and interesting for the spectators; as well as the officials as it enables them to take very quick and smart decisions. On the field when a referee assisted by two touch judges lands on a complex decision making situation—trying to solve whether the player has clearly scored the goal or not, or is it a penalty for the team— technology empowers sports with reality and real-time view. Even though there are so many sports technologies available, still coaches, players, athletes and other related individuals are unable to connect seamlessly and share information with each other. For instance, team coaches find it difficult to help their fellow players get the video of a match they played, post-game, and this delay hinders the in-depth study and analysis of the mistakes that were made by the team while on the field. Further, lack of analysis makes the team strategy less powerful, leading an unfavorable condition for the team and its coach in being victorious. Today, along with the advent of cloud and Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Florida-based XOS Digital has been offering next-gen technology to more than 400 sports organizations.

Since its inception two decades ago, XOS Digital’s offerings are well suited for sports organizations as they add precision and builds smart decision making capabilities. The ‘XOS Thunder VR’ technology leverages the latest VR tech which has primarily been a cutting-edge solution for coaches and players to develop a split second decision-making, while training their team in a real-life game situation.

The XOS Thunder VR is hosted on the XOS Thunder HD platform which not only offers a 360 degree view but enables players and coaches to have video and playbooks all in one device. Adding to the XOS Thunder HD platform, Matt asserts, “ The Thunder HD coaching platform is the most widely used and respected coaching platform in the industry, and we are committed to providing the best possible tools and services to programs at all levels,” says Matt Bairos, President and CEO, XOS Digital.

The Thunder HD coaching platform is most widely used in the sports industry, and we are committed to providing the best possible tools and services to programs at all levels

XOS Digital’s technology is not confined to players and coaches, off the field, the technology can be leveraged for recruiting and scouting the player’s performance. XOS Digital’s— ThunderCloud Scout enables front offices with a secure means of collaborating and sharing critical information. One such instance is when Todd McShay, Analyst, ESPN had problems with managing his workflow from start to finish as carrying couple of laptops in a backpack was a tiring task. To ease the efforts that Todd McShay encountered, XOS Digital’s front office solution—ThunderCloud Scout was injected onto the Microsoft Surface Studio. This integration proved to be helpful as it was portable, handy and easy-to-use when compared to couple of laptops. Further, Todd McShay explains that with XOS Draft technology it makes the process of recruitment and updating the draft information of the player easy as the technology seamlessly connects to any device with a secured wireless connection.

With acquisitions, XOS Digital has been constantly changing the face of sports technology. Bairos feels that with powerful combination of visualization, presentation, and teaching tools—coaches can prepare their team to execute best performance on game day. Dedicating to the world of sports technology, Bairos drives XOS Digital by coupling sports and technology so that players and coaches all over the world can give their best.

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Matt Bairos, CEO

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