Xpandion: Optimizing Authorizations, GRC and Licensing in SAP Environments

Moshe Panzer, Founder and CEO
SAP software solutions have been available in the IT industry for many years. Most large companies trust them and prefer their benefits for automating and streamlining business processes. Unfortunately, SAP is highly complicated and often results in high maintenance costs.

Organizations often face frustration in two fields: authorizations (including compliance with GRC regulations) and SAP licensing. Many organizations discover that their SAP authorization structure is too complex and they can’t control it effectively. More so, they need to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations and Segregation of Duties.

Others discover that they face high costs due to complex licensing situations. These are usually the result of the inability to control classifications and the amount of user licenses. The complexity of SAP licensing is the reason that the licensing costs for SAP systems are known to be one of the highest in the ERP market.

Founded in 2007, Xpandion is an experienced software provider dedicated to solving the challenges that many large organizations face. This is accomplished using the most up-to-date, innovative technology of user monitoring and creating de facto business profiles. Using this technology, Xpandion products optimize authorizations; ensure Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and SOX regulations; and provide accurate licensing costs. All of these solutions are available on the organization’s own servers or via the cloud, which requires no hardware.

Moshe Panzer, a recognized SAP expert with over 20 years of experience, is the Founder and CEO of Xpandion. Spearheading leading development teams in massive SAP projects, Panzer has introduced some of the most preeminent solutions in the industry under Xpandion.

Using the ProfileTailor suite of products, organizations can monitor user activity and identify sensitive operations. They can also keep an eye on suspicious activity and react immediately, if necessary. Further workflow processes close the gap between granting authorizations and using them, giving organizations full control of their users.

Finally, Xpandion products give organizations the ability to manage their SAP licenses, easily classify users under the right license type, locate and eliminate dormant user accounts, and duplicate accounts and misclassified accounts—resulting in fully optimized SAP licensing.

Xpandion is focused on helping businesses simplify their IT solutions with cost-effective solutions that streamline the workflow process and cut expenses

The Segregation of Duties (SoD) Conflict Resolver is the latest solution from Xpandion and simplifies SoD disagreements to help maintain compliance with ordinances. Using behaviour-based profiling, the software identifies conflicts and finds alternative authorizations to replace authorizations which are causing the conflicts. This makes it easy for firms to maintain GRC.

Although the above-mentioned solutions are just examples to demonstrate common SAP and ERP obstacles, there are firms who may only want to capitalize on a few of these solutions, rather than the entire suite. For them, Xpandion offers a great customized service.

“Recently, we’ve created a set of Xpandion Apps that have the same robustness as our flagship products, but are focused on tailored business needs,” explains Panzer. “These apps are designed for organizations that only want a select number of our tools.”

Xpandion has been the success factor for numerous firms around the world. ZIM Integrated Shipping, a global name in the container shipping industry, is a long-standing client of Xpandion who once sought answers to efficiently managing their authorization-related processes and SoD compliance.

In response, Xpandion provided the ProfileTailor Dynamics Suite, which empowered ZIM with complete control over its SoD and authorizations on all systems, in all locations, from one centralized site. ZIM also saved significant time, after receiving notifications of SoD violations at the early stage of authorization request.

Xpandion has garnered critical acclaim for creating big impacts in technical applications, making the company a huge asset to the IT sector. Xpandion plans to continue its thriving journey across Europe and the United States.


New York, NY

Moshe Panzer, Founder and CEO

Provides ERP usage inspection solutions, delivering unprecedented real-time visibility into management systems, significantly improving security, optimizing licensing usage and enabling GRC/SOX compliance.