XS International: Introducing Efficiencies and Costs Savings through Independent Maintenance

Doug Krueger, CEO
As IT infrastructures have grown in size and complexity, the challenges faced by the technical, contracting, and financial teams supporting these infrastructures have increased exponentially.

Today, technical teams are faced with the daunting challenge of troubleshooting multi-vendor environments where identifying the root cause of a problem can be increasingly difficult. It is not uncommon for IT teams to spend hours with manufacturer technical assistance centers sorting through entitlement issues, qualifying questions, hand-offs, or the dreaded finger point to different manufacturer.

The technical teams are not the only ones negatively impacted by the traditional manufacturer support approach. We regularly see contracting offices managing 100s of independent maintenance support contracts within a given manufacturer line-each contract with a different renewal date and each with a separate reseller. Across multiple manufacturer lines, it becomes very evident that the management of these numerous contracts to prevent lapses in coverage has become a huge burden.

Finally for the finance teams, the cost of manufacturer support continues to rise at a minimum of 15-20 percent each year, unacceptable in many constrained budget environments.

Over the years that my partners and I worked for large IT manufacturers, including both Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, we saw our customers facing these same challenges across all vertical markets and across all geographies. The challenge then and now is that the manufacturers have never been incented to change support to reflect the heterogeneity and rising cost of today’s environments.

With 500 cross-trained certified engineers across 50+ manufacturers, XSi is providing support to large Enterprises in a fundamentally more personalized and simplifed way.

XSi is simplifying and reducing the cost of IT maintenance support while providing a highly technical, customerfriendly service capable of supporting complex, mission-critical, multi-vendor IT environments

A call to our Technical Assistance Center goes immediately to a highly certified case engineer, responsible for immediately bridging all subject matter experts to bring the incident to closure. No finger pointing, no hand-offs, and the right resources on the very first call. A major differentiator- XSi also provides all software updates, patches and software support in addition to the same hardware replacement SLAs offered by the manufacturers.

For the contracting personnel, the XSi effect is immediate, with a significant reduction in the number of independent contracts requiring renewal. Giving our customers the flexibility to co-term contracts and customize contract periods has been very impactful.

While our focus on delivering service quality within multivendor environments is first and foremost, the 30-40 percent cost savings realized by our customers is also a key.

Building on its reputation of performance history over the last 24 years, XSi supports over 1,250,000 assets for 1100 customers worldwide including 40 U.S. Federal Agencies, all 20 of the largest U.S. Federal Prime Contractors and 15 of top 20 Fortune 500 companies.

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Doug Krueger, CEO

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