Xtensible: Standards-Based Approach for an Integrated Data Fabric for the Utility

Michael Covarrubias, VP - Strategy, and Solutions
Utilities have embraced digital transformation more cautiously than other industry sectors for good reasons. But they now operate in a rapidly changing business environment where the need for existing and new types of data is only increasing. Accessing and analyzing data to make critical business decisions is no longer an option. Gaining additional value from their data and future-proofing the approach remains a challenge but is a necessity. Data management and the role of technology needs to be reimagined. This is where Florida-based Xtensible makes a difference with its standards-based approach. They work with all aspects of the utility through their consulting services and products, ranging from strategy to implementation, from power generation to consumer initiatives, with a client base from small utilities to large IOUs. They build on over two decades of utility experience and a comprehensive understanding of third-party systems, solutions, and technologies.

Their standards-based approach allows utilities to gain value from their data faster by building on expandable methodologies. It also allows for faster incorporation of additional business capabilities, with associated technologies, as the foundation is defined, common, and understood. The company contributes significant time and effort leading and participating in international smart grid standard bodies for the benefit of the utility industry as a whole and has an impressive track record in assisting utilities in effectively implementing those standards around the world. Xtensible’s approach is future-proof, cost-efficient, sustainable, and expandable. It supports innovation and new technologies, thereby maximizing business value and financial growth.

The xtensible approach and offering bridges the gap between IT and OT, between disparate systems and business functions, between where the utility is today and its vision for the future. Moreover, its proven project implementation framework, developed over the years, allows it to deploy integration services and analytics efficiently, on time, and cost-effectively. “Data brings people, process and technology together to support business objectives and drive value. We focus on providing seamless access to utility data across the organization to help make crucial business decisions today and with an eye towards the future,” mentions Michael Covarrubias, VP - Strategy, and Solutions of Xtensible.

To further help utilities move the needle on digital transformation, Xtensible works with utilities to define vision and strategy, to outline policies and processes. Their maturity model framework, adopted by SGIP (Smart Grid Interoperability Panel), includes working group sessions with decision makers, with the end goal of a prioritized, approved and communicated roadmap, with buy-in, to reach the desired future digital state. In a nutshell, Xtensible services allow utilities to close the gap between strategy and execution, through strategic consulting and subsequent implementation services.
Michael further highlights the significance of these services with a unique client story. Their client provides electricity to around 15 million people across a service territory of approximately 50,000 square miles and is building a 21st-century power network to manage their dynamic energy needs. One of the requirements was to develop a grid connectivity model to ensure end-to-end connectivity from transmission to distribution networks, including Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

But first, Xtensible helped architect their Enterprise Analytics Environment, which today processes 10TB of data weekly. Xtensible built and deployed their network model, utilized, extended, and specialized the IEC CIM connectivity model to address data requirements for data-at-rest and data-in-motion. Moreover, the grid connectivity model offered a common data dictionary for data flowing in from multiple systems like Energy Management System (EMS), Geographic Information System (GIS), and the Enterprise Asset Management (EAS) system. As a trusted advisor, Xtensible has continued to work with the client, building onthis foundation for additional expansion and innovation, for instance related to comprehensive wild-fire modeling and several consumer facing initiatives.

Xtensible’s solution, Affirma provides seamless design first approach to establish an Integrated Data Fabric for the Utility, while taking a Standards Based approach. Supporting the utility to have access to all of their data, all of the time, across all of the organization

Although Xtensible has been a service provider since its inception, they are now productizing their approach based on seeing utilities struggle with data needs and at the request of current clients. One of their products, Affirma, is designed to connect the dots between investments and reducing the complexity to do so. The endgoal is to provide faster, quality access to data for different vendor solutions, for analytics platforms, integrations and ultimately for solid decision making.

Affirma provides the utility with:
• End-to-end reusable data pipeline design for an integrated data fabric (API and Data Store)
• Enterprise Semantic Model Management and Development
• Data mapping and transformation Data Profiling
• Data linage and impact analysis
• Governanceand Security Classification

Taking the design first approach can then be used for build automation, code is generated for integration and analytics to join different vendor technologies and solutions within the utility.

“We are taking our experience and our services and putting them into a suite of products to provide seamless access to data across the organization for both internal and external consumers of data,” concludes Michael.


Orlando, Florida

Michael Covarrubias, VP - Strategy, and Solutions

Offers standards-based smart grid integration and analytic solutions and services assisting utilities to have access to all their data, all of the time, across all of the organization.