Xtime: A Cloud-Based Customer Retention Management Platform

Neal East, CEO
Customer retention is the success factor for every business. Xtime provides the retention solutions for the players in the automotive industry including manufacturers and dealer service departments. The company’s cloud-based products help dealerships discover, deliver and retain profitable customers and help manufacturers increase customer retention and loyalty.

“Xtime’s cloud-based solution gives the auto services industry an overhaul where everyone wins. Car owners get a retail experience on par with leading online players, dealerships streamline core operational functions while capturing lost revenues, and auto makers generate incremental parts revenue while preserving brand loyalty,” says Neal East, CEO, Xtime.

Xtime’s products—Marketing 7, Scheduling 7 and Check-In 7, allow consumers to make appointments with dealers at any time, from any location or any device via dealership and OEM websites.
It offers consistent and accurate access to factory menus; dealer recommendations, manufacturer recalls, declined services, pricing, promotions, shop availability, and deliver highly targeted recommendations and promotions.

With processing more than 2 million appointments each month and originating more than 10 percent of dealer repair orders in North America, Xtime is a trusted choice for many of the industry’s leading dealership groups including Asbury, AutoNation, Group 1 Automotive, Luther, MileOne and Sonic Automotive. The company is also one of the preferred providers for many of the leading global automotive manufacturers, including Lexus, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz Nissan, Infiniti, VW, Audi, Chrysler and Hyundai.

Going forward, the company aims to provide higher levels of transparency and trust to their customers. The company will continue to demonstrate its ability to transform service operations, increasing customer satisfaction while boosting dealer revenue and profitability.


Redwood Shores, CA

Neal East, CEO

Provides retention solution for automotive manufacturers and dealer service departments