Xtraction Solutions: Best-in-breed Interactive Dashboards and Analytics

Clive Smith, Managing Director
As IT services have become increasingly interwoven into all aspects of business operations, it is essential for software providers to ensure their products are easy to use. Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Xtraction Solutions delivers expertise in reporting capabilities to enhance business visibility. From small installations to enterprise solutions, Xtraction assists their clients with bestin- class services. The company is a provider of innovative and interactive dashboards and reports that improve access to information and align with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices associated with service management. Partnered with CA Technologies, Xtraction has a strong track record in systems integration and services offerings.

Xtraction offers solutions for CA products like Service Desk, Capacity Manager, and Client Automation. CA Client Automation employs full automation and remote client management capabilities for managing the IT environment. “All of these products contain a vast amount of data that is captured and managed by the IT teams, who are responsible for end-of-end processes for the management of devices,” says Clive Smith, Managing Director, Xtraction. “Consider the lifecycle of device management and the touch points within each of these products and the various groups involved from an end to end perspective. From the time a device is commissioned and deployed, to the time it is decommissioned, several IT teams need to report easily and in real-time, and Xtraction provides that capability,” remarks Smith.

The company’s Xtraction technology, a self-service dashboard and business analysis tool for end-users, offers quick access to information that is seemingly trapped within various application databases. “Once an Xtraction adapter is installed, users are able to easily drag and drop the fields onto dashboards or reports, eliminating the need for coding or complex commands,” explains Smith.

“Despite the presence of a myriad of BI solutions in the marketplace, very few products boast ‘plug and play’ solutions that companies can install/upgrade and extend,” says Smith. Xtraction technology competes against BI technologies like Tableau and MicroStrategy, which are impressive products, but they don’t have a specialized view of service management like Xtraction’s ‘out of the box’ solutions.

Once an Xtraction adapter is installed, users are able to easily drag and drop the fields onto dashboards or reports eliminating the need for coding or complex commands

Furthermore, data security is a powerful feature of the product that can be managed by the customer.

“Large service providers like Fujistu, Datacom, Dimension Data, and Stefanini implement Xtraction technology for their customers’ systems,” says Smith. At one instance, a certain client of Xtraction, Raymond James Financial, had a concern where the demand for information from the users to the BI teams exceeded the ability to deliver reports and information in a timely manner. Raymond James started with a 10 User license and later shifted to an enterprise unlimited license. “I didn’t realize this was happening, we kept on getting slowdowns at certain times of the day and now I can see why,” exclaimed Randy Schilleman, Manager, Deployment Management, Raymond James Financial. After Xtraction’s interactive dashboards were installed, the client was able to visualize data impacting their CA Service Desk Manager system. The client created several real-time dashboards in various departments throughout their vast complex.

“We work very closely with CA Development to ensure Xtraction data models and samples for new CA release are in sync,” says Smith. Looking to the future, he aims to externalize some the features of Xtraction so they can be executed as standalone components. “Currently, Xtraction is geared to mine structured data from SQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Infomix; however, we aim to include feeds from ‘nonstructured’ data stores as well,” concludes Smith.

Xtraction Solutions

Victoria, Australia

Clive Smith, Managing Director

Provides innovative and interactive dashboards and reports that help elevate access to information