Xtramile Soft: On-Demand Reporting for SAGE and Legacy Data Transfers

Vivek Vemunoori, CEO
Xtramile Soft has been offering large-scale IT solutions and mobile applications to global corporations for almost 10 years. The firm has built a reputation with their clients as going the “extra mile” to do the job right. “The inspiration behind the foundation of Xtramile Soft our fervor was to deliver services to customers beyond their expectations. That’s how we chose the name,” says Vivek Vemunoori, CEO, Xtramile Soft.

Initially, Xtramile Soft worked solely with manufacturing but expanded to shipping, distribution, construction, and mobile. Today the company is known for offering a host of solutions including web and application development as well as cloud services and applications. Xtramile Soft follows the highest industry standards for development processes including Six Sigma Lean and Agile. Additionally, the organization has repeatedly stood apart in the market with their efforts of the company’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

In the past two years, Xtramile Soft has focused their marketing efforts on SAGE reporting services, particularly targeting SAGE 100 and SAGE 300 software users. To stay ahead of its peers, Xtramile Soft allows on-demand reporting whenever their clients needs it. “Whether it’s a compliance issue or reporting issue for audit purposes, they need some kind of report and they need it ASAP. We want to be that provider where they can tap into our on-demand services and get the results immediately. That has been our successful model so far,” he says.

As SAGE has been evolving, so has Xtramile. SAGE has been moving away from Timberline database towards SQL; Xtramile Soft’s staff has been thoroughly trained on the migration process and can now handle these requests seamlessly. “Customers are moving to this new technology. We are now equipped to help them. And the reporting becomes very easy because Crystal Reports works perfectly,” adds Vemunoori.

One of their most vital services is helping multinational corporations migrate legacy data into a new ERP system.

Xtramile Soft is solely focused on client needs and client prerogatives

Vemunoori also reveals Xtramile Soft’s recently finished project that involved migrating a major chemical manufacturing company from a legacy system to SAP system all over the globe. “Not just in America, we performed the task in Europe and Asia as well,” he adds. For the same company, Xtramile also helped them work with a third party logistics company by developing their EDI document.

“Xtramile Soft is solely focused on client needs and client prerogatives. Our team members are more like company consultants than employees. They are very interested in delivering their best and are very knowledgeable.”

Xtramile Soft has regular meetings to make sure they are on track with the timelines and also work with business analysts to ensure all requirements are all met and on schedule for delivery into production.

Since Xtramile Soft has been in business for a decade, personnel have come and gone. Yet the clients remain: the aforementioned chemical company has been with them for nine years and they have been Oracle DB consultant for a North Carolina shipping company for six. The company’s long-standing association with partners and customers is attributable to its expertise garnered over the years of operations and abilities of its staff.

Vemunoori believes the future for Xtramile Soft looks bright as “We have a product in development that can help small and medium companies to automate their purchasing, working with vendors, creating your workflow, the whole nine yards. By the end of 2018, Xtramile Soft would like to earn the trust of the 50000+ companies using SAGE software worldwide,” he concludes.

Xtramile Soft

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Vivek Vemunoori, CEO

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