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Rob Jeppsen, CEO
“Sales coaching is becoming one of the biggest trends, where technology has an incredible influence in decision-making and maintaining forecast accuracy,” states Rob Jeppsen, CEO, Xvoyant. Jeppsen’s passion to create world-class sales organizations by leveraging analytics and Salesforce data drives Xvoyant to the forefront of the sales coaching arena. Xvoyant’s best of breed solutions and intelligent workflow simplify and standardize sales coaching. “We give sales leaders an enablement platform that identifies whom to coach, what to coach, and when to coach,” extols Jeppsen.

Xvoyant provides sales leaders customized coaching plans and ensures consistent execution of coaching through integrated goal setting, scheduling, and follow-up. The coaching process is built 100 percent within the Salesforce platform and is designed to leverage an organization’s current sales milestones and pipeline definitions. By managing each step of execution, Xvoyant’s intelligent workflow standardizes and simplifies sales coaching. Xvoyant quickly maps to the field structure and utilizes year to date performance and funnel data to compile personalized and insightful coaching recommendations for each member of the organization. “We run the Salesforce data through our modules and then convert it into predictive sales coaching plans for sales agents,” explains Jeppsen. Once the data is collected and processed in the module, Xvoyant analyzes the sales history of the representative to identify areas of improvement. Based on this information, the firm provides customized coaching plans to empower the representatives. “Distinct from our competitors, we even measure the impact of sales coaching on agents, ensuring effective coaching,” adds Jeppsen. Xvoyant is redefining sales coaching using these tools to identify skill gaps, create work plans, and predict outcomes.

Designed to help make sales coaching one of the greatest strengths of an organization, Xvoyant Sales Coaching Technology brings “prescriptive, intentional, and sustained” skill improvements. The Xvoyant Sales Coaching Technology consists of six coaching modules that include Skill-to- Success, Coach-IQ, Coaching Central, Skill/Will Index, Coaching Impact Analysis, and Xvoyant Verified Pipeline.

We give sales leaders an enablement platform that identifies whom to coach, what to coach, and when to coach

The firm models activity and skills data to identify the combinations leading to the highest close rates and most profitable outcomes. Moreover, based on the competency benchmarks set by Coach-IQ, Xvoyant prioritizes the sales agents to be coached. In addition, the firm’s proprietary Coachability Index measures each representative’s response to coaching sessions and their on-going competency achievement by tracking and correlating activity execution to performance outcomes.

Under the guidance of Jeppsen, Xvoyant has been assisting various leading organizations to improve sales via coaching. In one instance, a leading finance industry client with over 700 bankers was unable to achieve the adoption rate that they wanted from Salesforce. Facing frequent failures, they were on the verge of discontinuing their partnership with Salesforce. After integrating Xvoyant’s technology in their Salesforce, the firm could seamlessly identify the strengths and weaknesses of all their 700 bankers. The firm’s agent engagement level was also significantly improved.

Today, offering a more flexible and efficient solution, Xvoyant is moving into the Artificial Intelligence arena to allow coaches to make better recommendations. The firm is also building an inference engine that analyzes data and makes suggestions in the coaching process. Jeppsen concludes by saying, “Nobody needs to predict the future more than a sales leader, but there is no magic required to do it. If you can understand execution, you could predict the future through execution.”


West Jordan, UT

Rob Jeppsen, CEO

Help sales leaders take the sales data from Salesforce and create coaching cadences that drive results