XXL Cloud: Breathing New Life into Collaboration and Secure Cloud Data Storage

Andreas Maier, President and Founder
The journey of organizations in the current information age has become a two-edged sword for many. As this tech-era has introduced mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to unlock new doors of opportunities, it has also raised dire concerns around data security—not only within an organization’s premise but across multiple communication channels as well. In the landscape of collaboration, filled with pitfalls, Wilmington, DE headquartered XXL Cloud is preparing a paved road for the customers with its commendable solution XXL Box. “Designed from the ground up, XXL Box offers a secured environment for data storage,” says Andreas Maier, President and Founder, XXL Cloud. Maier further adds, “Once XXL Box is installed on all users’ devices, documents become automatically available. This exempts the need to share files via emails or flash disks.” XXL Box gives a secure source for data transmissions, mitigating the issues related to information loss or theft.

To give its customers an impenetrable layer of security, XXL Box, “ensures that information is encrypted when it leaves the device, and is only decrypted when the data returns in the device with the same user’s namespace,” explains Maier. This unparalleled cloud storage platform was crafted with keeping major security and privacy concerns in the foreground. “We don't want to re-invent the wheel, XXL Box simply makes this wheel incomparably well-protected,” says Maier. XXL Box was beta-launched in April, 2015, which is now used by over thousands of customers due to its offerings of elevated security of data. One of the reasons, XXL Box is gaining a lot of traction from organizations is due to the company’s motto of keeping ‘Zero Knowledge’. “We can’t see the content of files. It can only be viewed in a plain text content by the end users. Zero Knowledge means—we don’t have a clue what our users are storing,” explains Maier. Smart and dynamic encryption is used to achieve this.

XXL Cloud is on the verge of taking their expertise to a whole new level with its upcoming product, XXL Cloud for Business—a private cloud data storage solution for enterprises.

We can't see the content of files. It can only be viewed in a plain text content by the end users

“One of the main feature of this platform would manifest the support for privacy,” says Maier. XXL Cloud for business will allow customers to launch a corporate platform across any data center in their proximity. “We are able to set up a private cloud environment within the corporate premises,” adds Maier. XXL Cloud will also be seen adding more features for their impending platform, which will be focused on optimizing the collaborative environment of the customers.

Various organizations have come to leverage XXL Box due to its distinguished capabilities, and reliability. One customer, belonging from the music industry, came to the company to solve its storage issues. The amount of sound samples, the customer was recording on the daily basis was taking over 100 GB to store, which was overwhelming for its storage devices. “With XXL Box, the client was liberated from the need to separately upload the files they wanted to share,” says Maier. In XXL Box, the client now stores over three million files.

As various company’s customers hails from Europe, XXL Cloud will be striving to provide its solutions that will meet the strict privacy rules. XXL Cloud has already started to set up two offices in South East Europe and Germany. The company intends to maintain their focal point on developing security products to safeguard the information stored on the cloud. “As a startup, the company is currently in its A Round of Funding and looking for VC’s who share the Vision of making the cloud secure, reliable and affordable for everyone”, Maier concludes.

XXL Cloud

Wilmington, DE

Andreas Maier, President and Founder

XXL Cloud provides a secure document cloud storage, sharing and backup solution, with its product XXL Box.