Xyvid: Delivering Dynamic Experiences in Broadcasting

Dave Kovalcik, CEO
Today, the media and entertainment industry offers companies more engaging and interactive opportunities to showcase products, promote unique features, and reach a desired target audience. With the proliferation of webcasting and live event streaming solutions, the number of web-based broadcasting platforms has grown considerably. However, these platforms lack viewer intended interaction capabilities and visual quality of the beamed broadcast that can support multiple devices. Filling the gaps with cutting-edge options is Pennsylvania-based firm, Xyvid Inc. Xyvid’s high-resolution, internet-based broadcast platform offers an affordable alternative to high-priced satellite broadcasting, with the added benefit of improved visual quality. “The industry we play in very much involves anyone who wants to communicate over the web. We have created an intuitive broadcast space that allows viewers to interact and stream presentations in high-resolution,” says Dave Kovalcik, CEO, Xyvid.

The company’s intuitive broadcast platform enables viewers to engage and experience an event webcasting presentation in a personalized manner. “We have created a two-way feed to make Xyvid’s web-based broadcast platform more engaging, which allows users to speak and also enables participants to engage, ask questions, and provide feedback on things that the speaker is saying while it is happening on the live broadcast,” states Kovalcik.

Unlike current non-interactive web-based live broadcasts, Xyvid provides the next level of web-based live broadcast streaming and presentations by making the experiences interactive from a viewer’s perspective. “The technology of HTML streaming is limited to broadcasting live events, as there is no data transmitted within that live streaming,” says Kovalcik. From a live standpoint, there has been huge progress made in terms of how the live video gets transmitted to different devices. By using some of the browser-based technologies like HTML, Xyvid has been able to deliver data through the streams.

Xyvid provides the next level of web-based live broadcast streaming and presentations by making the experiences interactive from a viewer’s perspective

“In other words, not only are we transmitting a live video stream, but we are disseminating data that can be received by the device on the other end,” adds Kovalcik. “This allows us to control the experience of our participants.”

The company’s main offering, ‘Xyvid Pro’ is a web-based player similar to the ‘WebEx’ video transmission system that includes a video player and slides with its presentation tool. However, the similarities end there. If the user desires it, ‘Xyvid Pro’ is able to display a large area where video and slides can reside together. “A traditional webcasting platform has slides and other pop-ups on the screen that really don’t offer the look of a broadcast, whereas in ‘Xyvid Pro’ the user can move these things during a presentation to keep the viewers engaged,” says Kovalcik. ‘Xyvid Pro’ also comprises a suite of engagement tools that allow users to participate in games, and other social interactions thus dramatically improving content retention. The company’s web-based broadcasting platform is exceeding client expectations in fast-changing markets. For example, a pharmaceutical company wanted to display its newly launched medical devices for new age operational purposes. By adopting Xyvid’s web-based broadcast platform, the customer was able to reach an international audience and demonstrate its devices live.

With years of experience in the internet-based broadcasting space, Xyvid has plans to expand even more. “In the next two years, we hope to become a standard in the industry when it comes to high-end, large-scale interactive broadcast systems,” concludes Kovalcik.


Langhorne, PA

Dave Kovalcik, CEO

Provider of high-end, web-based broadcast platform that excels in audience engagement and interacts with viewers anywhere in the world