YA: Ensuring Successful Client Engagement and Promotions

Chris Behrens, President and CEO
From emerging technology trends to changing business models to evolving consumer behaviors, there’s a lot to consider for today’s marketers to really have a handle on what’s important going forward. Marketers are moving into digital, social, and mobile promotional marketing strategies, because they understand that consumers have adapted to a digital world filled with multiple devices, platforms and channels. However, as marketing channels evolve, so have consumer expectations for how they want to engage with brands to take advantage of promotional programs. As such, marketers need to develop an omni-channel interaction with each consumer to not only win the consumer, but to retain them, drive loyalty and incent advocacy. “YA has evolved significantly with the changes in the marketing promotions world,” states Chris Behrens, President and CEO, YA. “We bring the expertise and experience our clients are looking for to launch promotional marketing campaigns.” Minneapolis, MN-based YA provides a suite of digital solutions and services that offer the right consumer engagement programs to meet client marketing objectives and deliver results.

“Our core purpose is to help our clients engage consumers to take action, buy more and spread the word,” affirms Behrens. Delivering the next generation of digital promotion—rebates, enter-to-win, referrals, sampling, loyalty, channel incentives—YA enables marketers to develop, execute and analyze holistic, omni-channel promotion campaigns to aid in cost-effective consumer acquisition, retention and win back marketing promotions. “Our solutions enable highly efficient and effective promotions across diverse digital platforms,” says Behrens. Eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors, clients can work with YA to further bring programs to the market from beginning to end. “We start with the client’s marketing objectives and then we develop the promotion including the creative; back-end development; rules and regulations management; legal oversight; and implementation. By starting with the client’s marketing objectives, we’re able to guide the promotion design and recommend choices that would add incremental growth and increase consumer satisfaction,” says Behrens.

Our core purpose is to help our clients engage consumers to take action, buy more and spread the word

In addition, with the explosion of data and the opportunity it creates for customers, YA helps marketers to take advantage of all the data collected in promotional marketing programs. “We capture email and mobile opt-in’s, purchase data and other consumer preferences,” says Behrens. “The information is then used to create ongoing continuity programming that delivers additional rewards, incentives for referrals and offers an avenue to deliver product information in a channel of communication that consumers prefer.” Besides, YA’s reporting and advanced analytics service delivers actionable insights that help companies decide where to invest marketing time, energy and dollars and make predictions on how to take advantage of consumer habits and preferences to help generate revenue. YA’s 24/7 reporting dashboards give clients real-time program data to understand performance. Furthermore, the company’s predictive modeling, industry benchmarking and basket analysis tools bring more value to clients and their programs. “Our algorithm-based analytics can also be used to prevent and detect fraud—ensuring that our clients’ marketing spend and incentives are going to consumers that truly deserve those rewards,” says Behrens.

Going forward, YA is focused on taking a client-centric approach to providing best in class digital promotional marketing solutions and service. “By investing in the tools and talent, we will continue our development of innovative digital marketing solutions,” says Behrens. The company is further planning to expand its role in the industry and in the clients’ strategy development by leveraging insights and analytics from the array of promotional programs developed. “We seek to be an indispensable resource and trusted partner who is able to solve our clients’ business challenges and effectively deliver proven results of meeting their marketing objectives,” concludes Behrens.


Minneapolis, MN

Chris Behrens, President and CEO

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