Yaana Technologies: Meeting Telecom Compliance Needs with Intelligent Solutions

Raj Puri, CEO
For Raj Puri, CEO of Yaana Technologies, the journey in communications, media, entertainment and technology space started back in 1995. His proclivity for technology and expertise in compliance products and services spawned a small firm, Yaana, with big and impactful ideas to cater to the stringent compliance requirements in telecommunications and internet services landscape. California-based Yaana offers intelligent solutions to meet the compliance needs along with accurate data acquisition and retention, big-data, search and advanced analytics for prodigiously accelerating the national security market.

The telecom landscape is being reshaped by the advent of powerful, customizable and intelligent user devices thereby instigating companies like Yaana to embrace innovative business models in delivering its intelligent services. “The disruptive smart technology has altered the way people engage on services. There is a seismic shift in business models from being telecom-centric to being app centric,” reveals Puri. He also points out that the telecom industry today is making headway towards highly distributed networks keeping the conventional monolithic networks at bay. Concurrently, this distribution and virtualization of networks has ushered accessibility and cost related issues, complicating compliance management further. “Yaana focuses on facilitating the telecom providers and social media companies to acquire, store, and retain data that meets their compliance and security needs,” explains Puri.

Yaana Technologies accentuates the significance of the right data infrastructure; considering the growth in electronic evidence and compliance data.Yaana’s product portfolio includes Data Retention System, Advanced Data Analytics System, 4G/LTE Lawful Interception System, DeepProbe Packet Inspection Appliance and TunnelBox Appliance to help the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) eliminate expensive probes on data links and helps in effective data retention, interception and inspection required for compliance.

The company acquires information from a wide variety of legacy and modern network systems, be it traditional telecom circuit, mobile network, LTE data network, IFT network, or virtualized cloud-based network. Being an early adopter of Hadoop and other contemporary database technologies, Yaana assists in scaling and rapidly accessing large volumes of data in real-time with Hadoop based cloud solution.

Yaana focuses on facilitating the telecom providers and social media companies to acquire, retain, and analyze data that meets their compliance and security needs

This is followed by leveraging analytics to help clients use data that they already have to retain for compliance purposes to meet the significant need for visibility and auditability in businesses. Yaana’s core products, DeepProbe Packet Inspection Appliance and TunnelBox Appliance fit into various categories of acquisition of data. These two deep packet inspection products are installed at the telecom networks to extract valuable data and deliver bi-directional IP traffic streams from the most remote locations. This data acts as important investigative tool that works closely with lawful interception systems to identify security threats or fraudulent use, to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.

To deliver products and services in a rapidly evolving telecom compliance market and diverse set of customer needs, Yaana extensively leverages agile development methodology. In one instance, the company’s client that offered communications services across the globe were facing government compliance and data retention issues that required urgent attention. “And because they are a service provider in so many countries, jurisdictional issues were significantly challenging,” illustrates Puri. The client had manual processes, back-logs of law enforcement requests and was not able to keep up with increasing volumes of requests using manual ad-hoc methods. With Yaana’s solutions, the client witnessed a considerable cut over and thousands of compliance request backlogs were cleared within the first month. “Within the first year we helped them cut down the requirements backlog nearly by half,” extols the CEO.

As for future plans, the company intends to expand its presence on the globe apart from the U.S. and U.K. markets. “Given the innovation and disruption that continues to take place in communication space, Yaana will be at the forefront with our focus on compliance services,” concludes Puri.

Yaana Technologies

Milpitas, CA

Raj Puri, CEO

Provider of intelligent solutions to meet compliance needs in information communications space

Yaana Technologies