YCD Multimedia: Digital Signage Improving Customer Experience

In the shifting technological landscape, brick-and-mortar retailers are finding ways to enhance the in-store experience in a way that keeps shoppers engaged. The secret to capturing the attention of today’s consumer is using the right digital signage marketing strategy and engaging content. Whether it is in a retail store, shopping mall, hotel, airport, or restaurant, digital signage continues to capture spectators by offering more than the traditional static messages. New York based YCD Multimedia is seamlessly blurring the physical and digital lines through effective digital marketing platforms that influence customer decisions and boost impulse purchases directly at the point of sale. Bringing together years of industry experience and field-proven successes, YCD has the ability to engage and influence customers at every touch point through their digital signage software solutions for businesses. “We take a strategic approach to fulfilling the customers’ business needs and objectives and tailor solutions that bring real, measurable results,” says Sam Losar, CEO, YCD Multimedia.

We take a strategic approach to fulfilling the customers’ business needs and objectives and tailor solutions that bring real, measurable results

According to Losar, the digital signage marketplace has become a fragmented ecosystem with numerous players and distribution solutions. This creates challenges for end users to choose the right solution and service provider. In addition, lack of standards and general industry knowledge, makes it difficult to differentiate between different solutions. “YCD helps its customers reach audiences by creating engaging and immersive digital visual communications experiences. Our solution is an all-inclusive “off the shelf” software suite that is easily scalable to multiple locations and capable of driving a combination of screen configurations and multi-display arrangements (video walls and collage) as well as interactive elements,” adds Losar. In order to provide education, networking, and advocacy to the digital signage industry and the diverse constituents of its ecosystem, YCD Multimedia has collaborated with the Digital Signage Federation (DSF)—an industry advocacy group.
Sam Losar, CEO
YCD offers a range of software products and professional services designed to fit the specific needs of retailers and organizations. “Our core offering is composed of software that is customizable by applying workflows that fit the customer’s needs. The software is display agnostic and offers many differentiators from top quality playback including 4K to interactivity for your business,” explains Losar. “From multi-screen video walls, to POS integration, YCD’s robust product offering helps clients engage and influence their customers through a seamless digital media experience.” The company’s Cnario Digital Signage Suite is a complete digital signage display, distribution, and management platform for informational, educational, and commercial messaging. It enables creation, management, monitoring, and control of digital signage networks through easy-to-follow steps that provide low total cost of ownership. The platform provides a variety of tools for content creation and management including real time content composition from a variety of sources.

“Our software is driving any screen or multi-display arrangement (video wall) as a single homogeneous canvas of pixels,” says Losar. This provides substantial flexibility in creating different types of templates and display scenarios as well as the ability in utilizing different types of content (pre-produced, dynamic or live) simultaneously,” Losar adds, “This substantially reduces the content creation cost and allows the customer’s marketing team and other stake holders to implement creative ideas with almost no limitations, hence making the solution “future proof.” Customers can indulge in researching about a product or ask questions regarding the same, making it an interactive portal through which the firms can connect with their end users, customers and visitors.

YCD helps large fortune 100 organizations as well as other businesses understand and implement a powerful digital experience, “We are focused on giving clients scalability along with flexibility that benefits organizations with better customer experience management,” concludes Losar.

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Sam Losar, CEO

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