Yeastar: Steadfast Journey toward Transforming Enterprise Communications

David L Puckett, Director of Business Development
With over a decade of experience in manufacturing on-premise IP PBX appliances, Yeastar has continually contributed to the enterprise communications landscape. Its unwavering commitment hasn’t gone unrewarded: In the last three years, the company has witnessed unprecedented growth, gaining brand recognition across the world; recently it has ranked amongst the Top 10 on-premise IP PBX companies globally, alongside big players like Cisco, Panasonic, Avaya, and Mitel.

The on-premise appliance that holds the victory flag for Yeastar is a cost-effective IP PBX solution. The PBX solution enables seamless scaling from a single user to 500 users and comes equipped with around 400 features. It is extremely modular offering even TDM support that allows users to create trunks to their old telephone company. Furthermore, the company also offers a migration solution through the modular approach which enables migration from legacy telephone PSTN technologies to the new IP-based SIP technology.

Firm on its commitment to provide customers with solutions that effectively undergird their businesses, the firm adopted its cloud initiative in 2017. With careful deliberations, Yeastar has recently fielded its cloud-hosted PBX solution in February this year. This solution is a coherent and user-friendly platform, leaving the floor open for anyone with proper experience to start a telephone company. “By deploying 100 hosted voice systems of Yeastar in a data center, clients can immediately have a 100 tenants or customers,” says David L Puckett, Director of Business Development at Yeastar.

In comparison to IP PBX solution, the migration to cloud PBX is processed within a matter of minutes. “Initially the YMP admin can create a cloud PBX with proper DNS provisioning, and send a link that the user just has to click on, and a complete cloud PBX solution is ready,” explains Puckett. The base for Yeastar’s cloud-hosted solution is Yeastar Management Plane (YMP), which manages over 100 PBX systems with a single virtualization process.

To give users a seamless in-office experience even when away from the office, Yeastar offers a mobile application called Linkus Mobile Client that integrates iOS and Android mobile phones with the company’s IP PBX as well as Cloud PBX solutions.

By deploying 100 hosted voice systems of Yeastar in a data center, clients can immediately have a 100 tenants or customers

It acts as an extension of the PBXs and allows users to answer calls even when away from the office, access call history and voicemails, make both internal and external conference calls, and many more.

Explaining Yeastar’s value proposition, Puckett mentions the instance of working with Qingdao Liuting International Airport that wanted to expand its operations and add more users and extensions without losing its existing legacy communications system. The airport sought for an integrated solution that can also enable airlines staff to make announcements. Yeastar provided beyond what the airport asked for. “With us, they are now enjoying the flexibility of having their legacy and the newer PBX systems working as one. And our migration pack is enabling them to move over to newer technology at their own pace.”

As a major step in bolstering its portfolio, the company is working on building its unified communications platform. The Linkus Mobile Client will be the “nucleus of this new suite” and will be revamped to work on Windows and Macintosh family of computers (as well) with integrations to tools like Office 365 and Google Contacts. “There will also be an added instant messaging feature which will facilitate collaboration amongst users.”

A strong workload orchestration and the trust of partners and distributors are the cornerstones of Yeastar’s success. Offering both on-premise and cloud hosted solution is a big hurdle for any company. But Yeastar is not fazed. With constant effort and unique virtualization approach, Yeastar is thriving ahead with the belief that a successful company needs to embrace both on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions.


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David L Puckett, Director of Business Development

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