Yes Lifecycle Marketing: Granular Insights for Multichannel Engagement

Michael Fisher, President
Today, business success hinges on effective engagement of digitally empowered customers. Yes Lifecycle Marketing, a subsidiary of Infogroup, is empowering global businesses to transform their cross-channel customer engagement strategies. Through its comprehensive approach encompassing technology, data, analytics, strategy, and creative, as well as intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Yes Lifecycle Marketing injects insights at any touch point across the customer journey. With insights uncovered in real-time, businesses can use key data to influence their communication and engagement channels. “As organizations strive to become insights-driven at every stage of customer engagement across channels, Yes Lifecycle Marketing excels in providing actionable information in real-time for favourable engagement outcomes,” says Michael Fisher, President, Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

The company has a big data management environment that facilitates seamless integration of data analysis into its cross-channel campaign execution platform for accurate measurement of campaign performance at any stage of the customer journey based on individual, segment, or demography. To enhance the effectiveness of harnessed data, Yes Lifecycle’s Diagnose to Deploy (D2D) approach employs descriptive analytics, logistical and statistical linear regression alongside Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to discover greater insights. “Through our D2D approach, we go one step ahead of machine learning to reveal the true potential of data through our context-based real-time analytics capabilities,” highlights Fisher.

Fisher notes that the current CRM technology platforms in the market act in silos. “Besides having to navigate through disparate technologies across the customer journey, which is cumbersome, it takes significant time as well. The digital consumer today demands instant gratification.” Through Yesmail360i—a customized cross-channel marketing and analytics platform—Yes Lifecycle Marketing eliminates time inefficiencies in digital engagement while fast pacing time to market. Not only can the Yesmail360i run queries across 50 million customer records and five billion transactions and get answers in eight seconds, it also displays results in the form of Venn diagram or bar chart whereby businesses can understand the interactions made with the audience at each point in the customer journey. “With Yesmail360i, businesses know who’s active with them in email, text, push notifications, and who’s inactive.”

Through our D2D approach, we go one step ahead of machine learning to uncover the true potential of data through our context-based analytics

Yes Lifecycle, with its seamless technology capabilities, has been helping companies to overcome their cross channel customer engagement challenges. For instance, when one of its clients from the retail industry was struggling with a large inactive audience, Yes Lifecycle Marketing provided the client with a strategy leveraging digital display as an option for reactivation of dormant audience members. Yes Lifecycle Marketing coordinated communications to the active audience across email, text, and push notifications while incorporating a similar offer strategy to inactive audience members via display. By setting up a coordinated display campaign in conjunction with email, push, and SMS campaigns, the client recognized incremental revenue amounting to more than a million dollars as inactive audience members became active, and in some instances repetitive buyers.

The company’s proactive team builds a strong collaborative and coordinated work environment whereby clients drive cross-channel campaign effectiveness across text, social media and mobile platforms. The company has a strong team of technology and analytics experts, statisticians, online, and offline strategists, and creative people who leverage their technology know-how to implement solutions in client premises, swiftly.

Apart from its digital endeavors, Yes Lifecycle Marketing leverages Infogroup’s offline databases for greater customer insights ultimately leveraging the data to inform online and offline customer engagement scenarios. Having access to hundreds of data sources both on and offline, Yes Lifecycle is set to launch a rich database and new data repository later in 2017 that will bring added value to marketers with new insights and abilities. “We also look forward to offering big data analytics and processing with greater sophistication to drive campaign effectiveness,” says Fisher.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing

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Michael Fisher, President

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