Yodel Technologies: Transforming Contact Center into Revenue Center

Kyle Wood, CEO
Imagine the jarring experience that customers undergo when they dial a contact center for information and all they find at the other end is a basic IVR responding to their request with superficial responses. Not only do such IVR based contact centers degrade customer experience, but also hamper profitability. Being a part of the contact center industry for almost two decades, Yodel Technologies understands that it is necessary for contact centers to marry human intellect and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), for driving profits as well as customer experience.

Yodel’s AI-powered system comprises soundboard technology that enhances agent efficiency and contact center productivity. With a neutral and clear American accent built in, the soundboard behaves like a live contact center executive who can cater to the customers’ needs instantaneously. If customers require further assistance, Yodel’s system analyzes their requests and categorizes them with respect to specific requirements. In no time, it connects the caller to the most suitable contact center executive for quicker and accurate response. A win-win for clients and their customers, Yodel helps clients cut costs significantly and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Besides, Yodel provides clients with real-time dashboards and client management logs which can be used for monitoring data feeds. With specific real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each contact center executive in a graphical format, Yodel uniquely equips clients with the ability to track their on-going campaigns and gain insights on the performance of online agents.

“We realize that integrating AI with conventional contact center processes requires the influx of large volumes of data, which adds to the overhead” mentions Kyle Wood, CEO of Yodel Technologies. “We have designed AI algorithms that consume 30-40 percent less amount of data compared to our competitors.”

While onboarding clients, Yodel undertakes a detailed scripting process to load recorded answers for clients’ repository of frequently asked questions on its soundboard.
The company then identifies inconsistencies with respect to the client’s responses and makes necessary changes accordingly to ensure the output of the soundboard is real-time and error-free. As a part of its service agreement, Yodel offers both inbound and outbound contact center services. Wood goes on to say that whenever there is a lead generation Yodel transfers the particular call to the client’s agents to complete the handoff process.

We have designed AI algorithms that consume 30-40 percent less amount of data compared to our competitors

Wood recollects an instance where a company from the education industry had its focus on outbound marketing. Having faced a multitude of problems in generating leads, the company resorted to Yodel. Yodel converted the single-step agent-customer interaction to a two-step customer-Yodel agent interaction. Working with the client’s contact center executives, Yodel incorporated its advanced technology to identify potential customers and onboard them. In a short span of time, the client managed to increase the profitability by improving the initial lead generation process, which in turn changed their agents from generating 1 qualified education prospect per agent hour to 4. This increased the time efficiency of the very expensive live phone agent by 4 times. In another instance, Yodel replaced the common IVR-based contact center of the client with its soundboard technology. The client could thenceforth retain 15 percent of those customers who generally would hang up early during the call, due to the frustration of dealing with the IVR.

Climbing the pillar of success higher with each passing year, Yodel has witnessed exponential growth in terms of its revenue. Anticipating a growth of around 25 percent in the upcoming year, Yodel is looking forward to focusing more on inbound customer service phone calls and expand their footprint in the arena. “We aim to introduce technologies that would fully replace IVR technologies in contact centers,” concludes Wood.

Yodel Technologies

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Kyle Wood, CEO

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