Youredi: Simplifying Data Integration in Supply Chain and Logistics Arena

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Jaakko Elovaara, CEO
Today, achieving greater efficiency and real-time supply chain visibility is vital for many companies. Seamless connectivity with all stakeholders involved in the supply chain and reliable and timely delivered data are essential for this task. However, due to a broad range of technologies, supply chain software products or platforms, and data standards companies use, ensuring full integration with business partners is challenging. Often, doing such projects in-house requires a lot of resources and investments. Not to mention, specific knowledge and know-how, crucial for the success of any integration project.

Alternatively, companies can leverage modern cloud-based data integration solutions delivered by vendors as fully managed services. The concept of fully managed service implies that you do not need to have or manage an in-house team of integration experts or invest in expensive technologies (hardware or software). All the work—from a solution design to its implementation—will be done by a vendor’s team, who also commits to maintaining and managing the established connectivity and hosting all integrations in its safe cloud environment.

Youredi, one of the renowned providers of fully managed data integration services and solutions, helps actors of the global supply chain and logistics sector to simplify data integration and ensure a real-time flow of 100 percent accurate data vital for supply chain processes analysis and optimization.

The company was founded in 2013 with a mission to become the data backbone for the supply chain and logistics domain. Operating globally from Finland, Helsinki; Netherlands, Amsterdam; and the U.S., New York City; the company process millions of b2b messages daily for hundreds of companies from around the globe.

For the past years, Youredi has been developing integration solutions and providing fully managed services for leading shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, software companies, and data providers.

“We help our clients simplify their processes with integrations, so they achieve maximum efficiency in their operations. Automation and scaling with timely and quality data is what we bring to the table,” says Jaakko Elovaara, CEO of Youredi.

Having two decades of experience in the software business industry in North America, EMEA, and APAC, Jaakko is at the forefront of driving the company’s strategy and execution. Prior to Youredi, Jaakko had worked in global sales and management positions at IBM, Microsoft, Basware, Itella, and Fujitsu. Jaakko holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

Youredi’s product portfolio consists of several offerings that can be categorized into two groups, Youredi enterprise solutions, and so-called Youredi Rapids. Youredi Enterprise Solutions represents tailor-made iPaaS integrations that are designed and developed to address specific issues of a particular client. For instance, you can nail down hybrid integrations of any level of complexity, automate the data exchange process with any party regardless of the technology or data standard they use, ensure data accuracy by automatic harmonization, enrichment, cleansing, or bridge EDI and API worlds. Meanwhile, Youredi Rapids is a collection of use-case based services solving specific needs such as the ocean or air freight track and trace routine automation, automation of ordering and invoicing processes, connectivity with Electronic Bill of Lading (eBoL) platforms and service providers, and integration with TradeLens ecosystem.
All the solutions Youredi provides are fully managed and based on two pillars—superior and innovative technology designed and developed with the focus on supply chain and global logistics integration needs (Youredi iPaaS), and a highly experienced and skilled team of integration experts, helping the company’s clients turning their requirements into efficient integration solutions and running them 24/7.

“We believe that an integration project is not only about technology. It also requires people to plan, think, and run the show. The combination of these two elements is the key to the success of any project we do,” adds Jaakko.

Youredi’s solutions are modern, cloud-native, and have a form of an integration layer built on top of a client’s existing IT system. With this approach, the clients do not need to make any changes to their systems. What’s more, it ensures rapid deployment and scalability of solutions as well as helps avoid the risks often inherent for integration solutions requiring on-premises installation.

“We are not providing an integration software or a tool as such, but instead fully managed cloud-based data integration solutions, helping to connect the dots in any supply chain.”

On top of that, the company pursues a subscription-based model, meaning clients do not need to invest millions upfront to get started with integrations.

With such an unmatched capability, Youredi has helped many supply chain firms in maximizing operational efficiency. In one instance, Youredi helped an on-demand household services company, Handy, solve its integration issue. Handy is the U.S. leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality service professionals. The company was facing critical API-EDI connectivity issues affecting the onboarding of new retailers to Handy’s platform. After filtering various supply-chain solution providers, Handy finally consulted Youredi to solve its plaguing issue. With an integration solution Youredi provided to the company, Handy overcame its API-EDI connectivity challenge and ensured scalability and automation of certain processes vital for further company business growth.

We provide fully managed cloud-based data integration solutions, helping to connect the dots in any supply chain

Moving forward, Youredi is planning to expand the Rapids line with new offerings, which will help more industry stakeholders achieve automation of key business processes and increase the efficiency of their operations. Besides, the company is also planning to launch a completely new product—Youredi iPaaS for the supply chain—an integration platform that will be available for the market as an integration tool.
Since Youredi iPaaS is exceptionally efficient in connecting supply chain and logistics data flows, this offering might be vital for companies that still want to create and manage integrations in-house but need to ensure establishing of flawless connectivity with shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, or any other stakeholder in a rapid and smooth manner.

“We are confident that software companies and service providers will benefit a lot (time and money) by using Youredi’s technology, instead of building it in-house,” concludes Elovaara.


Helsinki, Finland / Amsterdam, Netherlands / NYC, United States.

Jaakko Elovaara, CEO

Youredi offers iPaaS-based fully managed data integration solutions to leading shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, software companies, and data providers.