Ytel: Cloud Contact Solutions for the Dynamic Industry

Nick Newsom, Founder and CEO
It is a different trend today. Businesses have started realizing the value of the service channel (the hidden channel), as a potential source of revenue. A recent McKinsey report points out that while, a decade ago, most companies had not even considered the revenue potential of inbound customer service interaction centers, today, a customer contact center can generate up to 25 percent of total new revenues for credit card companies and up to 60 percent for telecom operators. In ‘the age of experience’ companies no longer just sell goods and services; they are in the business of selling customer experience. The major pain points that are to be mitigated in the current contact center domain are to maintain, collate, and process several sources of information. In order to track their processes, contact center personnel need to depend on internal or external CRM products that 'll help them with the oncoming data via various sources like surveys or client specific data. What forms the biggest challenge is consolidating these internal and external sources against the standard Key Performance Indicator (KPI). “We are working towards addressing the challenges of telecom and trying to deliver exceptional communication solutions that are cost effective and powers modern correspondence via phones and emails," says Nick Newsom, Founder and CEO, Ytel.

The power to actively communicate is provided by Ytel's cloud based solution. Ytel's X5 Cloud contact center maximizes agent performance by providing them with software that utilizes features to optimize the structure of a business. Depending on specific business models Cloud Contact Center is built to cater to traditional or multi-location Contact Centers. “X5 enhances a Contact Center's productivity with improved inbound and outbound calling performance. Based on custom settings, a contact center can adjust agent roles in order to meet inbound and outbound call volume needs automatically,” says Newsom.

For further support of outbound business calling, Ytel has fabricated a solution called SimpleDial that enables the organizations to make up to 400 percent more calls in an hour without being concerned about the additional cost.
There is no hardware required, except for a computer, headset, and internet connection. Ytel Smart Support backs all this service.

As a full-service carrier with a company owned network, using Ytel as your preferred communications vendor simplifies the process of complex telecom requirements

Ytel is a bootstrapped company. The self-funding allows them to maintain outright control over the network. Additionally, the firm’s approach towards partnership is precisely related to the array of solutions they build and configure. Ytel’s' partnership with preeminent firms like Juniper and Cisco benefits them in staying at par with the prevailing technological trends in the communication demesne.

Over the years, the firm has been able to provide businesses cost effective solutions that power modern communications through phone, text message, email, and direct mail. Ytel’s' approach to provide organizations with powerful communication and optimized cloud-based solution sets them apart from their competition. “As a full-service carrier with a company owned network, using Ytel as your preferred communications vendor simplifies the process of complex telecom requirements,” says Newsom. In the days to come, Ytel will launch message360, which according to Newsom will prove to be an empowering technology in relevance to the current communication needs. The solution will better connect prospects, leads, and customers to facilitate an edge towards the growth of businesses.


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Nick Newsom, Founder and CEO

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