Zadara Storage: Redefining Virtual Private Storage Arrays

CIO VendorNelson Nahum, CEO
Traditional storage solutions have been forever bogged down by capital expenses, limited performances and low scalability options. Meanwhile, as enterprise networking a n d computing effectively transitioned to the cloud, enterprise s t o r a g e c o u l d not make the move owing to loopholes in security as the main pain point. Enterprises have compromised on object-based alternatives (or API) to fill this void. Zadara Storage, headquartered in Irvine, California, with its unique storage solutions lets companies gain access to an enterprisegrade SAN(Storage Area network) and NAS(Network Attached Storage) in the Cloud. This in turn complements the present cloud networking, computing, and storage options of the espective enterprise.

With many modern Information Technology (IT) architectures and infrastructures relying on essential SAN and NAS unctionality, yet these systems do not have the support of common Cloud-based storage alternatives, hence many databases and applications remain trapped within enterprise data centers.
VPSAs(Virtual Private Storage Array), such as the one provided by Zadara, use native block and file systems to serve storage to applications using standard, familiar protocols with low latency and high performance. The company’s SAN and NAS in the Cloud have been built by the Zadara team to adapt to changing requirements without disruptions, so organizations always experience the ideal level of usable performance and capacity and eliminate the need to under-provision storage.

The company has come a long way under the leadership of Nelson Nahum,Co-Founder & CEO, Zadara storage solutions since 2011 where a number of the world’s leading service providers offer Zadara’s Storage SAN and NAS in the Cloud solutions to clients. With the general service providers realizing how uniquely VPSA complements the networking, compute, and storage solutions within the organization,Zadara is bringing to life its vision of “everyone gains access to a growing ecosystem of solutions,” and moving businesses promptly to the cloud leveraging its state of the art VPSA system.

Zadara Storage

Irvine, CA

Nelson Nahum, CEO

A provider of enterprise-class primary and secondary storage for the cloud via dedicated, flexibly deployed equipment located at AWS Direct Connect facilities and Dimension Data (formerly OpSource) data centers