Zafire: Competence to Meet Future Proof Security

Jonathan Slim, Founder
With the increasing complexity of systems, the real challenge today is to enhance user experience by providing customized solutions. Zafire, headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK, creates innovative, cutting-edge solutions for the customers to future-proof their business.

Zafire provides software and business solutions to the Aviation and Service Management industries globally. Zafire’s team is involved in the complete cycle of software development, implementation and project management and its suite of next generation aviation solutions offers enhanced passenger experience as well as operational efficiency gains and massive cost savings for airports, airlines and ground handling companies.
A varied number of products have been introduced by Zafire like FirstBag which is the first global web-based Baggage Reconciliation System that delivers an integrated approach to baggage handling and tracking, from passenger check-in to baggage retrieval. Additional products are iFirstBag, FirstLoad, FirstRamp and FirstChecking that entirely refines passenger experience.

Zafire’s market research shows that the company is planning to make major IT investments into innovative solutions like self check-in, auto parking and improving passenger flows to increase non-aero revenues. Jonathan Swift, the founder of the company, says, “We have built our reputation on the ability to customize our software to fit the customers’ businesses and not vice versa. This is achievable because approximately 90 percent of our workforce is devoted to software development, business process re-engineering, and project management.”


Oxfordshire, UK

Jonathan Slim, Founder

Keeps focus on the complete cycle of software development, implementation and project management.