Zaloni: Helping Companies Realize the Power of Data

Susan Cook, CEO
Although cloud computing and data analytics enhance business agility and propel innovation, transitioning data governance practice to the cloud is an uphill task for many organizations. This happens primarily due to complex data architectures and the difficulty in standardizing governance policies across cloud and on-premise environments. That said, companies can still make the most out of their data by having a robust data governance framework and a cloud-native DataOps platform. Delivering this is Zaloni, an award-winning data management company. Zaloni offers an end-to-end data governance and operations platform called Zaloni Arena that helps users realize the power of data while also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. “With Zaloni Arena, data professionals can create, execute, enforce governance policies, provide business context, run data quality, profile data, and track data lineage efficiently,” mentions Susan Cook, CEO of the company. More importantly, the platform provides a unified view across multiple cloud accounts and on-premises environments, enabling companies to bring transparency and control while delivering data to consumers.

Zaloni’s approach to data management and governance is in stark contrast to traditional methods. The company’s solution provides a unified view and control of all data pipelines within an organization while streamlining DataOps in a governed and secure manner. For instance, because Zaloni considers enterprise data as a consumer product, the company manages and protects the supply chain of its clients’ information. Zaloni achieves this by leveraging its flagship Zaloni Arena platform that can quickly take control of any complex data environment. The platform drives business and analytics success while providing the control and extensibility demanded across today's decentralized data assets that exist in a multi-cloud ecosystem.

Upon deployment, Zaloni Arena helps the customer understand their data assets that sit across disparate systems through cataloging. This process involves collecting, ingesting, and profiling the data to get an overview of the client’s data from a technology, business, and operations standpoint. Subsequently, the platform assists the customers to view the complete data lineage with a detailed lineage map and implement consistent data governance practices from ingestion to end-user analytics. While doing this, customers can also set rules around masking the data and enable tokenization for superior quality. In addition, this capability allows the company to detect policy violations and fix the issues beforehand by enforcing the policies using best-in-class governance tools.

As the whole purpose of data governance and operations is to remove friction for users to get access to data, Zaloni provides governed self-service access to data. With that, users can access data regardless of the storage location. Zaloni also accelerates the co nsumption of data throughan innovative data shopping cart and enables users to search and provision data.
Subsequently, users can bring this data to a custom sandbox environment to perform further analytics. Using a data shopping cart thus enriches and augments the user experience by enabling users to search and select data just like shopping on Amazon.

With Zaloni Arena, data professionals can create, execute, enforce governance policies, provide business context, run data quality, profile data, and track data lineage efficiently

Further, in order to control the complete data lifecycle effectively, Zaloni has defined a new zone-based architecture called EndZone Governance. This architecture categorizes data into three zones: raw zone, trusted zone, and refined zone, through which data can live and travel throughout its lifecycle. While the raw zone is the area where unrefined data gets ingested, the trusted zone is where the user can transform the raw data and standardize the same to meet all required governance policies. Finally, users can move data from the trusted zone to the refined zone and integrate them into a common format, and this helps users consume data easily to create analytic models. Although Zaloni has defined these three zones in advance, the platform allows the client to set up more zones if needed. For example, if a client wants to set up another zone between trusted and refined zones to perform a particular function, the platform facilitates this flexibility.

To highlight the benefits Zaloni Arena brings to its clients, Susan recalls the story of a top 10 global bank that leverages the platform to manage over ten petabytes of their user data. The client utilizes the Arena platform to centralize the management of data sourced from over 5,000 applications and more than 120,000 catalog entities. As the platform creates a safe and governed internal data marketplace for the client’s data scientists and consumers, they gain access to the vast amounts of data they need for their jobs. In another instance, an international restaurant brand leveraged Zaloni Arena to unify its customer records. For them, Arena acts as a robust customer data platform that defines a 360-degree view of their customers.

Such success stories stem from Zaloni's years of experience in data management and their technological prowess in addressing their client’s complex data challenges. This experience and expertise in handling complex data environments have helped them onboard many industryleading companies, including Alexion, Labcorp, PWC, Toronto Stock Exchange, and more. Moving ahead, the company plans to leverage the capabilities of ML and automation to remove human intervention in new areas of DataOps. With such capabilities, Zaloni plans to make the data operations and governance practices that are error-prone to be more seamless in the days to come.


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Susan Cook, CEO

Zaloni is an award-winning data management company. Our DataOps software, the Zaloni Arena platform, streamlines data pipelines through an augmented catalog, automated governance, and self-service consumption to reduce IT costs, accelerate analytics, and standardize security. We work with the world’s leading companies, delivering trusted data through a unified DataOps platform that both improves and safeguards enterprises’ data assets. We are proud to be recognized by CRNʼs 2021 Big Data 100 list, the Forbes 2020 Best Software Companies to Work For, The Software Report 2020 Top 100 and the 2019 Banking Technology Award for “Best Use of Data”. To find out more visit,