Zebra BI: Extracting Value from Data through Visualization

Andrej Lapajne, CEO
The importance of visual aid in assessing the data to optimize a company’s business processes cannot be played down. With the plethora of solutions available in the data visualization arena, from 3D charts to flat design solutions, from gauges and speedometers to classic bar and line charts, companies today are puzzled by the choice. Consequently, they rely on their personal appeal instead of more sound criteria while picking out a software vendor, such as the efficiency of communication, power of expression, and action latency—an area where Zebra BI stands out with its International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) certified solution. “Even the most complex of reports, dashboards, or presentations which a user creates with Zebra BI are compliant with corporate visual standards by default, resulting in rapid creation of clear and understandable reports,” says Andrej Lapajne, CEO, Zebra BI.

Zebra BI assists companies in making complex real-world visual analysis of business data seemingly effortless. The company achieves this by adding functions directly to Excel such as clean visualization, usage of advanced business charts, proper scaling, optimal labeling, creating and managing multiple charts, and meaningful structuring of all objects on one page. “Users can create advanced business charts, combine them, embed them into tables, scale them, organize them into a dashboard, link them to dynamic datasets with slicers, multiply them, add highlights and comments, or link them to PowerPoint presentation slides,” remarks Lapajne. All of these functions—essential to any business analyst—are available in Zebra BI by default at the push of a button.

Much the same way as traffic signs are recognized throughout the world, Zebra BI’s solutions are highly standardized owing to their IBCS-compliant styles. This central design notation ensures that everybody is communicating in the same visual language, leading to increased level of understanding, shorter action distance, and vast time savings, while also enabling a higher level of automation. “Our unique strength lies in our tools’ ‘semantic layer’ which recognizes source data—actual vs budget, previous year values, forecasts—and automatically calculates the variances to visualize the numerous data categories in the standardized style,” adds Lapajne.
This serves the end users’ purpose of designing the chart with minimal effort while saving time and reducing the risk of manual errors.

Even the most complex of reports, dashboards, or presentations which a user creates with Zebra BI are compliant with corporate visual standards

Zebra BI also features a Snap move which allows users to embed the charts into tables or combine them into an interactive dashboard in an extremely rapid way. “The idea is to take advantage of the Excel’s grid as a design element, and leverage its flexibility to add to the power of Zebra BI visualization,” explains Lapajne. Their solutions have been used across different industries—big and small—a claim substantiated by their work with Coca-Cola. The beverage heavyweights needed a software solution for its bottling division to create and standardize their reports, dashboards, and presentations across 12 countries. “Zebra BI now handles all of it, including top management financial reporting down to very operational dashboards in SCM, HR, audit, finance, and other departments,” Lapajne declares.

As a founding member of the IBCS Association, Lapajne closely monitors the latest research on data visualization, keeping his company constantly on the toes with regards to their offerings. With an emphasis on improving user experience and serving a larger client base, Zebra BI is now focusing its sales in the U.S. market. Already having formed a robust clientele, the company seems poised to strengthen its foothold in the U.S. with newer offerings for its existing, as well as potential customers in the land of opportunities.

Zebra BI

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Andrej Lapajne, CEO

Provides data visualization solutions as tools for Excel which simplifies a company’s requirement for reporting and managing data

Zebra BI