Zedi: Run your Business, not your Software

Many times, internal SCADA does not provide the relevant or accurate data—that is deemed fit for industry 4.0 standards— and often, their output data is too big, making it difficult to work with. While cost, security, and speed into the field are some of the major challenges that producers face with leveraging internal SCADA, another major challenge for them, especially in every US basin right now, is the lack of skilled personnel. The producers are unable to hire readily available personnel with distinct skill sets and who are well versed in automation. Coming to the rescue is Zedi. “With Zedi Automation as a Service (ZAaaS) you don’t need to worry about hiring anyone; it’s ‘Explore. Do’—no need to hire in Engineers, tech’s, or SCADA experts. ZAaaS just works – We’ve already done all the engineering, and we are the most expert level SCADA team you will find, anywhere,” mentions Chris Friedel, the VP, Platform at Zedi. The company provides the remote view and e-control of equipment in the field with a custom engineered solution that is backed by Zedi’s strong security, continuous platform enhancements, its SaaS model, and 24/7 customer care to help with any concerns that the customers might have.

In effect, through Zedi’s technology, production automation in the field can now be up and running in just weeks to generate clear, accurate and secure data that historically takes producers weeks, months or even years to attain. “ZAaaS leverages our extensive experience with hardware best suited to your needs in any environment to bring your oil and gas production and profits to new levels— all this without long wait times for engineering, endless worries of financial return and other headaches,” says Friedel. The solution provides proven best practice automation hardware at the well site along with the Zedi software platform that effortlessly integrates data from any source to quickly and accurately render it, all backed by expert service from every angle—installation, updates, maintenance, and replacements. “It’s the cost-effective answer that producers have long needed. Zedi’s vault-tight secure software platform delivers complete data when, where, and how it’s needed for better business decisions,” adds Friedel.

Through a combination of proprietary technology integrated with world-class hardware from leading companies, Zedi has built a secure, scalable cloud-based SCADA platform. The company’s intuitive, cloud-based open system supports any digital monitoring hardware for real-time operational data. The platform is truly end-to-end through which sensors in the field are connected to gateways that support a variety of protocols. This allows Zedi to help producers with a real-time, aggregated view of production.

With Zedi Automation as a Service (ZAaaS) you don’t need to worry about hiring anyone; it’s ‘Explore. Do’—no need to hire in Engineers, tech’s, or SCADA experts

“We simplify the connection between sensors to get you the data you need to make better business decisions,” states Friedel. The platform provides both a web interface to end users, as well as the ability to push data to third-party platforms to ultimately enable the generation of accurate production data, remote control, cry-out alarms and mobility to increase the production, profits and sustainability.
Having carved a unique niche through its ZAaaS and software platform, Zedi is upbeat to roll out autonomous applications, and finding new pain points where AI, machine learning, and autonomous production operations management can help reduce the pinch of people scarcity and an ever-growing demand for reduction in operating costs. “We look at ZAaaS as a ‘non-event’ in your production. You have so many other decisions to make, and things to focus on than trying to figure out how to automate your oil and gas production in the field. We’ve done all the hard work to make sure you don’t have to worry about any of it—from any angle,” concludes Friedel.


Edmonton, AB

Chris Friedel, VP, Platform

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