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CIO VendorSaurbh Khera, President
In the era of data-driven decisionmaking, organizations are faced with the challenges of adapting their analytics strategy to a new breed of consumers— the business users who seek reports and dashboards. This new breed of analytics consumers are fairly computer savvy, has low tolerance for slow performance of network, hardware, or software, yet demands flexibility, usability, self-service, rapid development and deployment, and highly interactive visualizations. In addition to it, they demand speed and agility in business and timely, relevant, and actionable information—making mobile, real time and embedded BI a priority. ZEDventures, a San Jose, CA based company offers services and solutions to help organizations define an analytics vision, develop a custom roadmap and target architecture, using a business-driven method that addresses their specific analytics requirements, business strategies and IT goals. “Our Analytics consulting services for SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse (BW), Business Objects (BOBJ), and Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) allow clients to benefit from streamlined software implementations, successful change management, improved user adoption, and fixed-cost projects,” says Saurbh Khera, Founder and President of ZEDventures.

The company’s Analytics product, Report Catalog is a central, single stop solution for business users to consolidate reports and dashboards from multiple backend systems, databases, and reporting tools, and search for active reports using Google-like fuzzy text search capabilities. This product is built on SAP HANA and provides integration out-of-the-box for reports and dashboards from SAP ECC, BW, BOBJ, BPC, SRM, CRM, GRC, HANA, SalesForce.com, Tableau, and MicroStrategy. The product also improves user productivity via online collaboration on reports and helps drive robust governance processes around report creation and distribution.
ZEDventures also has deep expertise in SAP HANA—the in-memory data platform that currently sits front and center in SAP’s product strategy, and is redefining how companies access and manipulate large volumes of a variety of structured and unstructured data to make better decisions at high velocity. ZEDventures works with its clients to identify HANA use cases, develop HANA value proposition, perform HANA installation, configuration, and implementation services, develop HANA proof of concepts, design and implement security in HANA, and provide HANA training services. “Our consultants leverage their industry expertise and functional knowledge to assist clients rethink and rebuild core business functions that can now be drastically improved with SAP HANA, such as predictive maintenance, real-time promotions/offers for online retailers, fraud detection, real-time supply chain modeling or remodeling manufacturing scenarios etc.,” explains Anuj Saxena, CEO, ZEDventures.

To address the current mobility challenges of enterprises, ZEDventures Mobility Practice provides services ranging from mobile technology readiness assessments to development of mobility strategy and roadmap, to development of native and SAP mobile apps. The company’s Cloud Practice assists its clients in transitioning to a hybrid cloud strategy, in evaluation and implementation of cloud solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors and Ariba, and in the integration of these cloud solutions with on-premise solutions such as SAP HR and MM respectively.

ZEDventures works with many large and small-to-medium enterprise customers including Fortune 500 companies to define and deliver on their Analytics, Mobile and Cloud strategy. Aruba, Cisco, eBay, EMC2, and SAP Labs are some of its prolific clients and it operates across market sectors including High Tech, Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Consumer Products, and Manufacturing Industries and others.

“We put a heavy emphasis on the “people” aspect of every project’s success. Our team is focused to ensure that our clients have the capabilities and knowledge for continued success long after the project has been successfully delivered,” says Anuj Saxena.


Saurbh Khera, President and Anuj Saxena,CEO

ZEDventures is an end-to-end Systems Integrator that delivers enterprise application solutions to leading mid-size and Fortune 500 companies