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David Septoff, CEO
Big data has risen to a new level of prominence over the last several years, so much so that outlets have labeled 2012 and 2013 the “years of big data.” The reality is that companies have invested millions, collectively billions, on data management and analytics for years now. Many industries want a faster understanding of more types of data, while others want to democratize it with visualization tools and graphical interfaces. Ultimately, none of these big data initiatives can succeed without the right data architecture, technology tools, security considerations, user roles or responsibilities.

In spite of how costly they are, only 30 percent of business intelligence initiatives succeed. Zencos has been instrumental in combating this statistic since their foundation in 2001. Working across a wide range of industries, they use the SAS® platform to craft solutions for many of their clientele’s business intelligence and analytics challenges. Many of the strategies and applications they create can be applied across different industries, just like their relentless focus on providing the proper foundation of data architecture and technology tools mentioned above. In fact, making sure that their clients are well-equipped is a fundamental of Zencos’ solution development approach.

Zencos works to establish clarity when it comes to the objectives, goals and definition of a successful project outcome. They place a high emphasis on collaboration between business and information technology (IT) users before, during and after the stages of implementation. While this is something that seems simple, this is where most of Zencos’ competitors fail their clients. Zencos provides services of strategy, architecture, implementation, administration and support to ensure the success of big data initiatives. They stick to their personal practices of communication, team collaboration and disciplined execution to see each project through, which puts them ahead of the competition. In the end, Zencos maintains an unblemished reputation and are able to proudly say that they deliver solutions properly the first time with no reworks, blown budgets or missed deadlines.
Zencos’ approach has worked across quite a few different verticals, and healthcare is one that’s seen some of their greatest success. One of their solutions, PeakAnalytics™, aggregates and analyzes claims, survey and medical record review data so that healthcare providers can assess and improve their performance against the government’s five star rating system. This was developed for their client, Peak Healthcare Solutions, to help with a series of initiatives in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that requires the measuring, tracking and improving the quality of care delivered by privately operated Medicare Advantage plans. Zencos has additionally found traction in the financial services sector, as their solutions meet those regulatory needs as well.

We provide everything that you need to perform business intelligence right

One of Zencos’ more popular services is ZenGuardTM, a SAS admin and support service that companies can purchase for half the price of a full time SAS administrator. It was created to bridge the gap between analysts who know data but aren’t good with IT and IT specialists who are familiar with Windows, Linux and Oracle but not have the specialized skills of SAS®. ZenGuardTM gives each client two dedicated specialists who know the SAS® platform inside and out. This kind of care, awareness and collaboration is what garners Zencos high satisfaction ratings from their clients. As with ZenGuardTM, they continuously look for opportunities to create offerings that utilize their best practices and implementation insights based on previous experience. With their incredible efforts and progress, Zencos is sure to give enough access, speed and insight into data to defy and reshape the current statistics.


Cary, NC

David Septoff, CEO

Zencos offers practical and reliable solutions designed to meet the complex data challenges businesses face today.