Zencos Consulting: Leveraging SAS Solutions to Solve Business Problems

David Septoff, CEO
Under the leadership of David Septoff (CEO) and Ben Zenick (COO), Zencos has become a trusted SAS Alliance partner and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the U.S. Before Zencos, both held leadership roles at SAS Institute where they honed their skills, and learned the business of using SAS technologies to solve business problems. This exposure, allowed them to cultivate the necessary skills to macro-manage people, and solve customer pains, forming the foundation needed to lead Zencos Consulting today. “Not only has it helped us to drive the company and implement Business Intelligence solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, but has also assisted us in creating a constructive environment which sponsors engagement and innovation,” affirms Septoff.

SAS is a strategic partner and cornerstone of Zencos’s solutions. “We leverage this longstanding relationship and expertise to solve customer problems in innovative ways. And this has helped us receive numerous industry awards,” notes Septoff. “Our consultants are well versed with the SAS platform—inside and out. And our passion has earned us respect as thought leaders in the SAS community,” he adds.

“When Zencos started, our focus was more about solving generic problems. We took whatever SAS consulting work we could get. Over time, we evolved and built expertise in new areas and industries,” reveals Septoff. “Listening to our customers’ most pressing needs empowered us with the knowledge necessary to create customer focused services; examples include services for SAS administration, and support for SAS Master Data Management,” adds Septoff. “Likewise, we have business knowledge and expertise in Financial Services, Government, Healthcare and the Gaming and Hospitality industries.”

As an example, the ZenGuard subscription service was born from customer issues Zencos experienced in the past. ZenGuard is a cost-effective support service that supplies critical administration support necessary to ensure the success of the customer’s SAS investment by offering best practices for projects, guidance on usage, and mechanisms to improve SAS efficiencies.
“We have seen a tremendous uptick in the number of organizations looking to outsource the ad-ministration of their SAS environment,” says Septoff. He adds, “Because protecting their SAS investment has become mission critical for so many companies, we doubled the number of our ZenGuard support sites in 2014 and we project to do it again in 2015.”

Zencos is also seeing tremendous growth in its Financial Services practice. “We made a significant investment in resources with expertise in helping SAS financial services clients fight fraud and reduce financial crimes,” says Septoff. Zencos extends the SAS toolset to improve detection and mitigation through transaction monitoring, analytics, and case management. Additionally David says, “We added capabilities to existing SAS reporting solutions in support of compliance process improvement and to help financial institutions meet BSA regulatory requirements.”

In government, Zencos has developed solutions to analyze economic development data, and systems to analyze risks associated with bio-threats to protect the homeland. Expertise in healthcare includes solutions for patient safety and satisfaction, outcomes reporting, and predictive analytics for early disease intervention.

Moving ahead, Zencos aims to focus on its areas of strength while continuing to listen to its customer base. “We are not a company that tells the customer what they want to hear, just to win the business,” affirms Septoff. “We are more focused on their result and take pride in getting it right the first time,” he adds. For 2015, Zencos will continue investing in talent and expanding services to address evolving customer needs. “We are proud of our association with SAS and look forward to it growing in the future.”

Listening to our customers’ most pressing needs empowered us with the knowledge necessary to create customer focused services

Zencos Consulting


David Septoff, CEO

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