ZenLabs: The Journey from DevOps to Data Science

It goes without saying that success of data scientists largely depends on their ability to leverage their business awareness and work through data exploration and preparation followed by model development. Though programming is an integral part of data science and key to put an end to end experiment together, it does not imply that data scientists should invest a lot of time coding for applications. “Data scientists should be focusing on the business problem.” begins Ranjit, Partner at ZenLabs. “Today, data scientists become software engineers before they could mature into a data science expert. They heavily invest in software engineering.”

Changing this narrative, ZenLabs is a provider of data science, digital business transformation, engineering, and IT services that help clients navigate their digital journey from DevOps to data science. “Our rich expertise and knowledge assists data scientists to focus on what they do best—to solve complex problems by cleaning, managing and organizing data,” says Ranjit. In doing so, the company works closely with its clients to create a DevOps stack for empowering data scientists and consolidating the data within the infrastructure. The ZenLabs team provides expertise in building a full-stack analytics platform, with services for data orchestration, automation, and analytics, enabling data scientists to focus exclusively on analytics.

ZenLabs plays a pivotal role in helping companies build computing and data infrastructure that enables enterprises to rapidly adopt a modern data strategy and robustly manage huge volumes of data. The company delivers on the proven concept of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD)—the backbone of modern DevOps environment. This drastically improves productivity and efficiency by enabling data scientists and their teams to quickly react to new data, problems and identify where the problem lies. Data scientists can thus accelerate the development of data-driven applications.

At the core, the services offered by ZenLabs stand on three pillars. To begin with, ZenLabs’ rich expertise and understanding of the products available can be a game-changer for its clients. Secondly, being agnostic to the stacks, ZenLabs recommends Atlassian products such as Jira and Bitbucket, along with open source integration tools Jenkins and SonarQube. “These tools are tightly integrated, straightforward and cost effective, both in terms of getting the stack up and running as well as maintenance,” says Ranjit. On the DataOps side, the company works with at least two products that can integrate data from different silos and build models on top of it. The products enable ETL processes for business intelligence, reporting and more.

Our rich expertise and knowledge assists data scientists to focus on what they do best—to solve complex problems by cleaning, managing and organizing data

“However, selecting the right DataOps product is a deliberate decision based on Zen Labs’ proven framework. The core of this framework for evaluation are the fitment to the client’s technology landscape, vision for the future, client’s preferences, existing tools, need for customization among other things.” he adds.

The third pillar in the offering is the company’s ability to help clients not only with the modeling but also creating the core team depending on their budget and project timeline. With this core flex model, ZenLabs brings in a set of skilled professionals to assist clients in case of talent shortage.

The uniqueness of Zen Labs stems from its commitment to keeping up with innovation and the new technologies to ensure clients have access to updated solutions. The company uniquely combines technology to the cultural aspect of a company to deliver more value. “Our experience and deep understanding of culture help us adapt to technology to meet the cultural aspect of the company to achieve success. We work as a partner to our clients, which involves working collaboratively to achieve end goal successfully,” Ranjit explains.

With a customer-customer-centric approach and valued partnerships, ZenLabs has been aggressively moving forward in terms of implementation as well as onboarding clients. “We have successfully partnered with different clients to solve a variety of problems as well as unlock opportunities in the DevOps to Data Science journey. We invest a lot of our resources in understanding the latest technology and deliver value to the clients.” concludes Ranjit.


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Shirish Ranjit, Partner

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