ZenQMS: Enhanced Compliance at an Affordable Price

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Panos Boudouvas, Co-founder & CEO
The keystone of any organization is an effective and automated Quality Management System (QMS), and though a number of businesses have realized it, many are still living under the rocks. Several reasons can be attributed behind this lacking, but one of the most common ones is the cost and complexity of solutions that dominate the current market, making CEOs and CIOs to think twice before switching to any other new system. One such person that also faced the issues with the paper-driven QMS was Panos Boudouvas, Co-founder and CEO of ZenQMS. In his initial career days, Boudouvas struggled with paper, or homegrown tools for managing SOP’s, audit responses, CAPA’s and several more. Not only was this but the company he worked for ran out of space for its paper files, which made reporting and analytics a nightmare, so was retrieving documents. He says, “It was a compliance red flag for all external clients and regulators, which put us at an increased risk of failure.” That’s when Boudouvas decided to lay the foundation of ZenQMS in 2010 to address these challenges with an easy-to-implement, affordable quality management solution for the whole enterprise. “We developed amazing, cloud-based Quality Management Software (QMS) platform to provide professionals enhanced compliance at an affordable price,” states Boudouvas.

ZenQMS’ platform includes modules for Document Management, Issue/CAPA, Change Control, Audits & Supplier Management, and Training, which provides companies with a remarkable prospect to enhance compliance. The firm’s accounts modules come with compliant signatures that help businesses in saving a lot of money. Since ZenQMS is a pure Software-as-a-Service application, users only need an active internet connection and a browser to start with while eliminating the costs and delays linked with the traditional approach to software deployment.

Built for compliance, ZenQMS consists of GxP, ISO, and e-signatures, and maintains a fully validated instance in the cloud at all times. The solution is also easy to implement as the staff at ZenQMS leads a turnkey execution, including data training and migration.

We developed amazing, cloud-based quality management software (eQMS) platform to provide professionals enhanced compliance at an affordable price

Other key features of ZenQMS are it takes the pain out of compliance, no splitting hairs, it is fully cloud-based, and always audit ready.

Since 2010, ZenQMS is serving its clients with utmost care and efficiency. Though any regulatory agencies or certification authorities do not certify the firm, its infrastructure partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), maintain several certifications and inbound regulatory and accreditation audits, including SSAE 16 reports (SOC 1/2/3) and ISO 27001. ZenQMS also releases its significant upgrades at least three times a year and deliver release notes, validation documentation, and a test environment to all its clients. The firm’s staff manages every release under change control, which consists a full complement of validation documentation, including URS, FRS, validation plan, IQ/OQ/PQ, Trace Matrix and several more. It provides all its upgrades to its clients for free.

In the future ahead, ZenQMS aims to enhance its services by focusing more on customers and their requirements, innovation in partnership, reimaging the marketplace, and continuously working on the improvement. Boudouvas notes that initially, he started ZenQMS to do something for an industry that has always been told that their only alternatives are paper/excel, home-grown, outdated software, or expensive and non-user friendly ‘enterprise’ products. “Our platform reinvented the quality management system with an emphasis on customer experience, affordability, collaboration, and access,” he concludes.


Narberth, Pennsylvania

Panos Boudouvas, Co-founder & CEO

ZenQMS is a cloud-based quality management system that provides tools for document collaboration and control. ... The solution allows defining workflows and document approval process along with configuring security permissions for transferring files within and outside the business environment