ZenSar: Business Prominence through Oracle Cloud

Sandeep Kishore, CEO & MD Cloud technology is highly accredited with pushing the envelope for the modern digitalization where a vast section of present-day organizations have adopted the technology enabling them to achieve higher business agility, increased profits, and a more seamless IT experience. While driving this transformation forward, innovation serves as the key ingredient for success accompanied with a greater cognizance on long lasting customer relationship and strong domain expertise. With a perfect blend of these vital business transformational factors to serve the cloud transition, Zensar’s Oracle cloud marks its eminence in the cloud computing industry. The company brings an increased level of pragmatic and client-centric approach in their delivery model by offering quick and risk-free cloud adoption roadmap and migration to cloud technology services.

Established as a leading digital solutions and technology services company, Zensar specializes in partnering with global organizations across industries on their digital transformation journey. With a comprehensive range of digital and technology services and solutions, Zensar assists their customers in achieving new thresholds of business performance. Zensar has been providing Oracle based services for close to two decades, in the period of which the company has delivered more than 900 projects offering tangible enterprise benefits for over 1000 clients globally. The company equips its customers with R12 upgraded efficient enterprise management, profitable business operations with analytics, and reduced ownership and maintenance costs with the cloud. With more than 3100 specialized consultants dedicated to their clients, Zensar is highly capable of delivering a diverse range of Oracle applications.

With organizations adopting digital and cloud-enabled systems, there has been a significant rise in the demand for greater efficiency, innovation, and business agility. Zensar delivers these advantages to its customers through Oracle PaaS Cloud services, offering them quick application and database migrations, robust integrations, and seamless extensions of Oracle SaaS applications. With years of middleware experience and having successfully delivered large projects to a diversified set of global customers, Zensar practices a successful delivery model helping their customers reduce integration costs by 25 percent, increasing asset re-use by 35 percent and annual ROI by 15 percent. Through their unique migration framework, tools, and best industry practices, Zensar ensures that their customers are migrated to Oracle PAAS Cloud with almost zero downtime.

Currently, an Oracle Platinum and Cloud Standard Partner within the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), Zensar focuses on leveraging their partnership to deliver best in class solutions using latest technologies such as Oracle Cloud, advanced analytics, IoT, and blockchain, thereby helping customers with their digital transformation initiatives.

Zensar has proven their eminence in Oracle applications worldwide and continue to enhance their stature as a global technology enabler

Achieving Oracle Cloud MSP and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) status in recognition of their outstanding performance and commitment in the Oracle Cloud space serves as a significant milestone for the company.

Zensar’s Oracle Cloud services are designed in line with specific client requirements and are delivered through a well crafted Oracle adoption plan. Along with several complementary courses provided to the client’s staff for cloud assessment, Zensar offers ready fixed scope offerings, support services, and ROI calculations. Standing tall as an Oracle Platinum Partner, Zensar specializes in providing on-premise to cloud migration plan, cloud integration packs, and automated testing. The company has employed dedicated cloud labs to ensure that their clients cruise smoothly through their cloud and enterprise journey. With unique benefits such as risk-free cloud migration, cost-effectiveness, and going live in less than 99 days, Zensar sets the benchmark for a robust and world-class cloud expertise in Oracle products.

Zensar’s proprietary hybrid agile framework, Zensar Agile Framework for Platform Cloud Implementation has been specially designed in cognizance with the challenges and idiosyncrasies of a typical platform cloud migration and implementation at an enterprise level, reducing the cloud implementation costs by 15 percent. By building a core framework for social, user and security management (application and data) components for SaaS extensions, Zensar has helped its customers to go live faster.

As a result of proven cost benefits, organizations are aligned towards the adoption of SAAS models. With a robust suite of end-to-end cloud package including cloud advisory services, implementations and rollouts, and state-of-the-art applications management services, Zensar has become the preferred partner for Oracle concerning all cloud-related services. The company has more than 125 cloud consultants well-versed with Zensar Automated Cloud Migration tool to fast-track on-premise E-Business Suite applications and their migration to Oracle SaaS cloud. Moreover, Zensar’s data migration packs, integration adapters, and standardized deliverables templates have provided the customers with superior cost-efficient solutions. The company’s Oracle certified fixed scope offerings for the complete suite involving Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Procurement Cloud, Finance Cloud, HCM Cloud, PBCS Cloud, and RMCS Cloud, which covers all the bases for an enterprise subsequently delivering significant tangible returns. The company also employs a dedicated cloud lab and center of excellence that follows a consulting-led approach to formulate a client’s Cloud Fitness Index and Cloud ROI calculator while leveraging Zensar’s templatized cloud migration tools for rapid on-premise applications.
The Customer Angle

The Oracle supply chain module offered by Zensar helps in improving inventory management throughout the value chain of the organization. Optimized inventory levels result in accurate forecasts, better sales planning, and leaner materials planning leading to higher sales. With Zensar’s Oracle Financials suite, the customers easily achieve reduced time in performing back-office accounting using COA design and restructuring and automated financial processes embedded in their global financial organization. Moreover, Zensar’s Human Capital management module digitizes global workforce management, enables expert talent acquisition and performance management, and designs custom payroll and compensation structure to deliver an optimized global HCM strategy.

"With a comprehensive range of digital and technology services and solutions Zensar assists their customers in achieving new thresholds of business performance"

Zensar’s Oracle Cloud shared services model provides support on all levels of functional, technical, and testing across all time-zones with the customized allocation of resources capable of reducing 20 percent in maintenance costs. The company’s proprietary ticketing tool (eTrackIT) and helpdesk support capabilities result in lower issue resolution cycle time to 15 percent by performing root cause and trend analysis for complex and common issues. Additionally, the cost-effective support model can deliver up to 99 percent SLA compliance for the clients while supporting upgrade, implementation of new features in the latest release, knowledge management, security, new development and more.

With a strong footprint across banking, insurance, manufacturing, and retail sectors, Zensar is equipped with a value-based application support model. In addition to application flexibility and customizability, this support model has been instrumental in helping enterprises increase productivity by up to 10 percent each year by creating sustained value through continuous innovation, excellence, and enhancements to customers’ enterprise applications.

Zensar prides itself as the first Oracle partner to implement the R12 version worldwide for Oracle EBS. With enterprise accelerators, tools, and emerging technologies across the Oracle stack, Zensar has been an enabler for organizations in more than 25 countries. The company has significantly helped its customers in simplifying, standardizing, and globalizing their business processes. Equipped with in-built accelerators and tools to cut across the entire enterprise value chain, Zensar efficiently delivers lucrative business-level benefits.

"Zensar prides itself as the first Oracle partner to implement the R12 version worldwide for Oracle EBS"

Going along this trajectory of being pragmatic and client-centric, Zensar has achieved an extraordinary stature in the cloud technology landscape. Following their unique expertise in Oracle cloud services, Zensar has proven their eminence in Oracle applications worldwide and continue to enhance their market position as a global technology enabler.


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Sandeep Kishore, CEO & MD

Specializes in assisting organizations on their digital transformational journey through Oracle Cloud services