Zentera Systems: Closing the Gap between Enterprises and the Cloud

Mike Loftus, VP Product Management and Marketing
Arguably the biggest question of the present era is about the move of enterprise to the cloud. There are multiple issues that are hindering the move from happening. A couple of them include, the aspects associated with networking, manipulation and management of various platforms.But the most distinguishable concern would be the security related to cloud for which the industry is still struggling to find a proper solution. There are also many companies trying to deal with these intricacies by spending billions of dollars every year to make sure they are secure. So the need of the hour for the industry is to havesolutions for data protection and migration in the long run.

Coming to the aid of business as such in enabling infrastructure security and building virtual systems for data protection is Silicon Valley based Zentera Systems. Founded in the year 2012, Zentera has been enabling businesses to build a virtual infrastructure and move, manage and secure applications on any private, public or hybrid cloud. So enterprises wanting to extend their private computing resources to host on any public cloud can now do so through Zentera’s hybrid cloud virtual infrastructure platform.

This can be achievedby hosting those resources to any public cloud datacenters securely and on demand. The firm has devised a virtual cloud fabric, which is a software based solution that resides on the edge of the network, enabling companies to walk free without having to reconfigure the firewall.

Solving the Infrastructure Intricacies

The fact that the firm’s services are offered as a silver layer which resides inside the OS without disturbing the underlying infrastructure, including the hypervisor, has made Zentera’s solutions deployable across data centers and to many cloud service providers. The challenge of provisioning and managing a virtual layer has driven the firm in bringing out its product, zCenter,which is a management portal for Zentera’s Cloud Federation Platform (CFP). Zentera CFPdefines and provisions virtual infrastructures and security policies for hybrid cloud environment.

Its products have been built and architected to operate with one being a virtual appliance that works in any data center or service provider

The other product working in tandem with Zentera CFP is its secure border computing platform which is an enterprise platform. Both of its products have been built and architected to operate with one being a virtual appliance that works in any data center or service provider and the other as a physical box. In the words of Mike, any industry which has an ecosystem outside their enterprise, having access to their corporate infrastructure needs to have a secure and virtualized infrastructure platform. This allows outsiders to access the platform and the provisioned applications but does not let them cross beyond the platform into their corporate infrastructure. Mike also stressed on the adaptability of the systems in many sectors like retail, banking and also healthcare who all would need a solution on course.

Making it Simple

Working towards the future, Zentera’s team has been pushing towards the virtual appliance. Although there are the complexities associated in its implementation, Zentera has been working hard to make it all the simpler.The firm assures of having implementing this technology within an hour running on either on your Azure or Amazonnetworks while managing your networking and security in an enterprise hybrid environment.

Zentera positioned to solve the security and virtualization challenge is close to bridging thegap by offering an enterprise controlled secure virtual infrastructure solution across the cloud domains.

Zentera Systems

San Jose, CA

Mike Loftus, VP Product Management and Marketing

A provider of secure hybrid cloud virtual nfrastructure platform solutions to support enterprise extending private computing resources to any public cloud datacenters, securely and on demand