ZENULUS: Subscription Cloud based Model for Enterprise Virtualization

Reza Zeinalian, CEO
The advent of virtualization has uplifted business efficiency and has gone a long way in improving operations across various verticals. Enterprises are now able to take advantage of the multiple operating systems (OS) through virtual platforms to better meet their IT needs. However, organizations’ major challenge is the lack of talent to enable easy implementation of the entire virtualization stack right from networking to the hypervisors. Zenulus, a Tysons Corner, VA based company addresses organizations’ needs to explore the potential of virtualization by providing design, implementation and management support. “At Zenulus, our team of experts from various disciplines help leverage the economics of virtualization to work cohesively with organizations in order to achieve operational efficiency and save cost,’’ says Reza Zeinalian, CEO, Zenulus.

Zenulus offers managed cloud services comprising of private cloud information systems such as servers, storage and networking in a single environment. By adopting Zenulus’ managed cloud services, organization can implement virtualization through a subscription-based model without the capital investment on server, storage, software licensing and in-house data centers. Additionally, ‘‘We leverage analytics to measure historical and real time data from various network resources such as storage and bandwidth utilization which many of our clients and other vendors overlook,” says Zeinalian.

Furthermore, Zenulus' managed Cyber security services proactively prevents intrusion and threats to the enterprise network by utilizing data packet inspection for detection and prevention, alongside offering monitoring and reporting benefits. Zenulus managed Cyber security provides customers with a layered approach on security for the entire enterprise network.

Apart from setting up cost-effective and high performance virtualization environments for clients, Zenulus also ensures implementation of the right methodologies to clear IT audits and compliances. “We work for many organizations that must abide by SOX and HIPAA standards and we help implement the technology and processes necessary on their private networks,” Zeinalian emphasizes. Thus, in the long run Zenulus’ methodologies will ensure secure operational functions and its automated processes minimize the chances of error by human intervention.

Our goal is to provide CIOs, CEOs, CFOs a one-stop-shop for mainstreaming major I.T. functions and processes that otherwise would require large capital investments in hardware, software, and people

For instance, one of Zenulus’ reputed clients expressed their desire to move their physical servers to virtual. The client’s physical servers ran a mix of Windows and Linux servers but the hardware was too old for repurposing on the new hypervisors that Microsoft and VMware offer. Zenulus provided cost analysis for implementation of networking, hardware, and software licensing needed for on-premise virtualization. Zenulus also evaluated the cost to move towards private cloud virtualization based on a monthly subscription from Zenulus. The client decided to move their business process to Zenulus’ cloud and implemented the entire virtualization stack without having to invest additional capital in hardware and software. With the cost-effective savings, the customer was able to add a physically separated disaster recovery site solution for free from Zenulus.

The roadmap of Zenulus is to create an enterprise information system within IT that is not just efficient and cost-effective but easy to manage as well. “We’ve instilled in our culture to promote engineers to try some of the new technologies within the cloud environment that might benefit our customers,” Zeinalian adds. He further emphasizes on its close relationship with clients to personalize the level of service and business customization solutions. “Our goal is to provide CIOs, CEOs, CFOs a one-stop-shop for mainstreaming major I.T. functions and processes that otherwise require large capital investments in hardware, software, and people. We have created a subscription based model for the major functions IT performs at the enterprise level. We also perform integration implementations if the customer wants to keep everything on premise,” concludes Zeinalian.


Tysons Corner, VA

Reza Zeinalian, CEO

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