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Alan Gin, Founder
CIOs today are disenchanted with ‘DIY’ point solutions. Not only do they lose time and resources researching what is necessary to chart their cloud journey, but they are also disgruntled because this antiquated, retooled ‘lift and shift’ approach has proven to be riddled with disruption and outages. To reduce complexity and achieve successful business outcomes, CIOs need an integrated solution that gets them from proof-of-concept to production quickly and securely. Enter ZeroDown Software. By working directly with Microsoft and participating in the pilot of Microsoft’s Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Collabortion Platform powered by WorkSpan, the company has opened up a way to address cloud migration predicaments through its ‘CloudFast’ program and solutions.

ZeroDown leverages its curated ecosystem of partners― who provide everything from discovery and assessment, migration, and security, to run/operate services―to offer clients unified end-to-end solutions. “Every enterprise is exploring how to extend their IT capabilities without downtime or disruption. This is where ZeroDown comes into play. Our unique Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS™) architecture delivers true active–active application availability with no business interruptions, providing an immediate safety net for those seeking to move their workloads and operations to Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack, including between Azure and Azure Stack,” says Alan Gin, the CEO of ZeroDown Software.

BCaaS lowers the barriers to cloud adoption by introducing a unique Ultra High Availability™ (UHA) standard—virtually unbroken continuous uptime with less than 60 seconds Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO). This means UHA capabilities can now be offered to customers seeking to extend their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. In effect, CloudFast delivers a built-in safety net to accelerate cloud adoption by eliminating the typical business risks of downtime. This has opened up a safe, rapid and reliable path to make fault tolerant migration of VMs, web-based services, and modernized cloud-ready apps, a present-day reality.

The benefit that ZenVault Medical—a web-based personal health records portal with thousands of online customers— reaps by partnering with ZeroDown best exemplifies their value proposition. ZeroDown ensures continuous active–active application availability for their cloud-based operations.

Digital transformation is a musthave for any company looking to stay competitive, but for solution providers, we believe that successful collaboration is likely to be a key benchmark for future success

“If one cloud instance goes offline, the others continue processing with no interruption to the user,” mentions Gin. Ever since 2010, ZenVault Medical’s customers have enjoyed 24x7 continuous access to their data with no interruption of service for any cause—scheduled or unscheduled, server upgrades, distributed denial of service attacks, or natural disasters. Over the years, with the prowess of BCaaS, ZeroDown has served many such prestigious clients. Their solution has the unique ability to provide the shift that is lacking in DRaaS solutions by ensuring no transactions are lost and that there are no cutover or synch up problems.

Moving forward, Gin believes that there will be a strong emphasis on the P2P model that his company is pioneering for Microsoft’s clients and partners using innovative tools such as the MS P2P Collaboration Platform powered by WorkSpan for AI Edge, Business Analytics, Data Sovereignty/Gravity, Cross Cloud Scaling to mention a few P2P customer scenarios. To this end, ZeroDown strives to grow exponentially and reach new clients through technology partnerships. “Digital transformation is a must-have for any company looking to stay competitive, but for solution providers, we believe that successful collaboration is likely to be a key benchmark for future success,” informs Gin. “We hear that the #1 driving force to move critical workloads to the cloud is cost savings, yet there are so many on the journey that jump without a safety net. But that is a risk no one needs to take. And the shocking news for CIOs is that it can be quickly addressed and doesn’t need to break the budget! For anyone with a napkin handy, I’d be more than happy to demonstrate how to add a safety net for each and every application workload for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee.”

ZeroDown Software

Greenwood Village, CO

Alan Gin, Founder

ZeroDown Software’s HA solution keeps critical workloads available during outages on any environment or infrastructure. The company offers ultra HA capabilities and technology resilience to customers seeking to extend their hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities without downtime. The company’s solution acts as a safety net for cloud adoption by providing a safe and reliable path to make fault tolerance migration of VMs, Web-based services, and legacy apps, a present-day reality

ZeroDown Software