ZeroFOX: The Social Risk Management Company

James C. Foster, Chairman and CEO
Social media is becoming the dominant means of communication. Today, 25 percent of the world’s population is active on social media and by 2017 that number is projected to increase to almost 33 percent. More people in the world will use social media than they will use a phone! Many firms are now realizing that this communication shift has brought with it a plethora of communication, management and security challenges. One company that did understand this very early, during the rise of social media, was Baltimore, MD headquartered ZeroFOX.

Founded in early 2013 by its Chairman and CEO, James C. Foster, and COO, Evan Blair, the company is a provider of an Enterprise Social Risk Management software suite that enables organizations to identify, manage and mitigate cyber security risk that is introduced through social media. “From targeted social-based cyber attacks to fraud, social engineering and executive impersonations, ZeroFOX provides real-time risk management, social threat intelligence and security analytics,” adds Foster.

The ZeroFOX Platform

In order to stay ahead of cyber adversaries, information security teams need to identify and monitor their social attack surface and take steps to mitigate the active threats. Employees and their social identities have become the target and traditional security technologies do not provide the needed visibility and defenses.

Since one in four people are currently using social media it should not be surprising that this year will be the year that social media overtakes email as the number one form of communication by volume. As the top form of communication email was a highly targeted medium for cyber attacks, and everyone learned to be careful. People expect scams and cyber attacks via email. For example, today only .002 percent of email users will click on a link from someone they do not recognize in an email, but over 70 percent of social media users will click on a link from a source they do not recognize on a social network.
ZeroFOX knew what was coming, and as a result they have developed world-class solutions to help companies manage the risk introduced to their people, systems and company. While traditional security solutions do not address the problems of social, the ZeroFOX

Platform provides an easy to use dashboard and suite of analytics and preventative capabilities designed for security professionals.

Currently, the platform has the ability to identify attacks and their attributed attackers that are targeting your employees and social media assets.

Once these attacks are identified the platform can then feed your critical security systems (Firewalls, Antivirus, Security Event Managers, Endpoint Protection, DNS, and more), real-time information about these attacks so that your employees and organizational assets are safe from compromise.

Expectations in the Days to Come

We have extremely high hopes for this company as they have attracted a group of world-class investors, advisors and board members in addition to their core team. Genacast Ventures (a fund in partnership. with Comcast Ventures), is their largest investor and ZeroFOX’s advisory board is made up of industry luminaries to include Cornell’s Dr. Fred Schneider, John’s Hopkins University’s Dr. Avi Run, and FireEye’s Dr. Kenneth Geers. The customer base of the company is also growing in the media, financial services, telecomuncation, technology platforms and companies, education and the government sector worldwide.

Talking about the future of them company Foster mentions that partnerships will be an important part of improving the growth of the firm; however, the firm will continue to have a steadfast focus on creating and sustaining long term customer success. “We are here to make an impact and to help our customers reduce risk. Ultimately our top job is to ensuret hat every CIO understand, manage and reduce the risk created by social media.”


Baltimore, MD

James C. Foster, Chairman and CEO

The company enables organizations to identify, manage and mitigate corporate risk that is introduced through social media.