Zesty.io: Powerful and Flexible Native SaaS Content Management System

Randy Apuzzo, Co-Founder & CEO
With years of corporate website design experience, Randy Apuzzo was constantly on the lookout for advanced and efficient tools for developing websites. When available solutions fell short of his expectations for flexibility and rapid development capabilities, “I realized that a highly efficient Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform could bring about a collaborative workflow environment while maintaining full control of sites, and Zesty.io came to life,” says Apuzzo, CEO and Co-founder, Zesty.io. “The idea behind the name Zesty is ‘to bring life to content’ by providing an agile development environment that speeds time-to-market and yields sites that are much more exciting and interactive.”

Traditional Web content management solutions lacked enterprise functionality, essential for business growth. Paramount to a company’s ability to effectively market in the digital age is rapid site development and deployment capabilities. Yet existing CMS solutions—both proprietary in-house builds and many licensed options—created an additional burden on the IT department for provisioning and management, with repetitive and often trivial support requests from the marketing department further delaying response times.

No one knows these challenges better than Apuzzo and Zesty.io co-founder Andy Fleming, who set out to address them by engineering a system that alleviated the IT management burden characteristic of large-scale web development while maintaining creative and content deployment flexibility. “The first version of Zesty.io was actually programmed in a Cloud development environment. Being freed from provisioning servers and concerned about the platform’s ability to scale gave us even more resources for pushing the limits of productivity. We kept coming up with ways to engineer Zesty.io so that it was as responsive and fast to develop on as possible,” recalls Apuzzo.

Revolutionizing the way companies develop digital properties and e-commerce destinations, Zesty.io, based in San Diego, CA, allows enterprise web content and brand marketers unbridled creative and development freedom.

“We understand the demands placed on IT departments when it comes to corporate governance and the proliferation of unsanctioned IT applications. We knew to be successful Zesty.io had to not only satisfy the needs of corporate marketing departments but also keep them from circumventing formal IT provisioning processes and security controls,” shares Apuzzo.

The idea behind the name Zesty is ‘to bring life to content’ by providing an agile development environment

“We knew that IT wouldn’t be completely free unless our platform could be customized, integrated and leveraged by front-end developers and designers,” says Apuzzo. “The Zesty.io native SaaS platform frees up enterprise IT resources with the shortest learning curve in the market.” Its proprietary templating language, called Parsely, allows developers with HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge to create full-featured templates that can be shared across multiple web properties within a Zesty.io “EcoSystem”. Templates are fully responsive, delivering optimal digital experiences to any screen size, at any size, on any device. Content managed within Zesty.io can be interfaced with any programming language or third-party software through its content API.

The Zesty.io ecosystem configuration supports true multisite management, scaling to deliver a multitude of web properties while offering advanced data and user permission controls.

Individual properties within the ecosystem, called Satellites, share media, code and template assets. In-tool collaboration and Zesty’s true multi-tenancy allow for marketing and development teams to work effectively in parallel; built-in analytics dashboards allow content managers easy access to key metrics while working within the platform.

Organizations can easily integrate best-of-breed, third party solutions for CRM, marketing automation and social content distribution, among many others, using Zesty’s API integration capabilities. “Our innovation plan is to continue to build a complete task platform for web professionals, bringing enterprise performance to the mid-market and beyond,” concludes Apuzzo. “Delivering the best CMS user interface and the greatest flexibility are the cornerstones of Zesty.io.”


San Diego, CA

Randy Apuzzo, Co-Founder & CEO

Zesty.io is a native SaaS/Cloud platform that enables marketing teams to launch enterprise level websites without involving IT or software engineers, resulting in faster deployment at a lower cost.